One year Nappiversary (How to retain over 6 inches of growth in 1 year).

How to retain over 6 inches of growth in 1 year

Good day beautiful people. Hope you’ve been having a stellar week? Mine has been just okay but I’m super excited to share this post with you! It’s been sitting in my draft since the beginning of this month but life has been getting in the way. So I’m happy I’m finally putting it up!

A year ago, I did the big chop for the second time because I wanted to retain more length in this new journey and today is the day we see how far we’ve come. You can read all about that HERE! Lol I’m saying we because you’ve been getting all the random gists about my journey for the past year so it’s a ‘we’ thing right? Thankfully I was able to retain some length so in this post I’ll be sharing how much length I retained, how I achieved that, my regimen and a little tip here and there. As well as announce a giveaway so please keep reading! Continue reading

The Wig Making Workshop



Hey guys… I’ve been working on something with Alex of and I’m so excited to share it with you guys!!! It’s time to put to physical practice some of the stuff I’ve been sharing on the blog with you all. What am I talking about? It’s time to learn how to craft beautiful wigs for yourself/friends as a hobby or an additional source of income with Me and Alex.. More interestingly, the talented Sally of @wigsbysally on IG is also a facilitator at this workshop! Yes we are going all out! All the gist you need is provided down below..

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Giveaway time featuring Hot oil treatment from Beautifully crafted + my Review of the product..

Natural girl on a budget

Hey guys. How are we doing? Good I hope..
When I was contacted by Nigerian made and owned brand ‘Beautifully Crafted’ to collaborate on a giveaway for my readers, I was excited for two reasons: My wonderful blog readers get to win stuff and also because I’m beginning to embrace ‘Made in Africa/Nigeria products a lot more lately and so this was just perfect.
So I and the people at Beautifully crafted have been giving away bottles of their Hot Oil treatment with Hemp seed oil on Instagram since the 1st of this month and this will go on till the 10th. Continue reading

DIY: How to make a lace closure for your braids wig (Threading method).


Hey guys.. How’s the country treating you? I hope it’s not so bad.

As the title of the post suggests, I’m sharing a much easier method of making your own lace closure for your braids wig like I talked about in the first tutorial post I did. If you haven’t already read that post, you should check it out as I won’t be repeating the basics here but just showing you how you can make the lace closure for your braids wig in a much faster way while still getting the same result.

Naturalgirlonabudget.comThis method is an affordable alternative to using a ventilated human hair lace closure for your wig and will guarantee a neat looking closure. Although there are other methods such as the latch-hook method which I might be sharing soon. So keep reading to find out how. Continue reading

The 10 commandments for Beautiful healthy hair..


Hey guys.. I hope the new month has been going great for everyone? I came across this post and I thought to share it with you all.. As the title of this post suggests, these are 10 things that every natural must know and practice. Doing these will make your hair journey go smoothly for the most part..

NaturalgirlonabudgetAlthough my hair will be one year next month (whoop), I have been natural for over 2 years now so I can definitely relate to these rules. You can find out about my second big chop here. So let’s get to it. Continue reading

Product Review: Nilotiqa ‘the Shea & coco collection’ Hair products.

Hey guys.. Happy new month yay! My birthday is actually in 3 days but this isn’t about me so I’ll move on lol.

So I received these Nilotiqa hair products from ‘the Shea and coco collection’ range from the amazing people at Afri Beauty Hub (@Afribeautyhub) on Instagram over a month and was supposed to do a review on them. Since I wanted the review to be as detailed and accurate as possible judging from my experience, I had to take my time trying out these products so I could give you guys the right information coupled with the fact that I’ve been a little busy lately but it’s all good. Quite a number of times, some readers have asked me to talk about products I use and stuff but I try not to because I realize that everyone’s hair is different and what works for you may not work for me and vice versa. So my review of these products is totally based on my experience using them. So let’s get to it.

I received four Nilotiqa products from Afri beauty hub. Afri Beauty hub is a brand that focuses solely on sales of ‘Made in Africa’ only products. How cool is that? It’s really dope considering that we have all we need right here in Africa and don’t need to go looking elsewhere.
These products were made with love from South Africa and my box contained the following items:
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Product Review: Cro-Havanna Twist from FREEDOM collection.

Natural girl on a budget

Natural girl on a budgetI had no intention of blogging about this hair but since I posted it on my Instagram page @ellamedupin, I’ve been getting questions non stop about it. Questions and compliments too so I decided to make a detailed post reviewing the hair for those who have questions. Since this post wasn’t planned, I don’t have the necessary pictures but I’ll do my best to be as detailed as possible. Plus I threw in some pictures showing you some ways you can style this hair so please keep reading.

The name of this hair is Continue reading

Tips: Ghana braids for natural hair


Ghana braids for natural hairimageimage

Hi loves.. I’ve been meaning to put up this post for a while but life happened. Most of the time, ladies on a healthy hair journey especially Naturals are restricted to wearing certain hairstyles so that we don’t cause damage to the hair we are trying to care for and that’s very reasonable. But asides from the fact that I don’t do well with restrictions lol, I also lust over some hairstyles and it’s just weird that I don’t get to do them. This is actually not because it’s wrong to make them. It’s just because when these hairstyles aren’t properly done, they set you back in your journey. One of such hairstyles for me has been the Ghana braids. I mean I see the various styles and I keep wishing but my edges are so fragile that I wouldn’t dare — until very recently. I took a leap of faith lol and did this style, wearing it for about two weeks and my hair did just fine. So I’m going to share a few tips on how I did this incase you ever find yourself in my shoes.

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Experience Xpression + hair details


Just yesterday, I hung out with the team at Xpression as in Xpression that makes all your braiding hair and all the other stuff. Lol sounds cool right? Yes it was.. I thought it would take longer for the recognition to begin but what do we know? Lol we thank God.
Anyway you know how crochet braid is all the rave now, Xpression has introduced and are still introducing quite a number of said products to the market. And you know the best thing about Xpression is that their products are really affordable although they are mostly synthetic. But most of this crochet braids products I’m talking about come in a very similar texture to our natural hair i.e. the Afro kinky kind so basically that’s a win. Some of their crochet braid products include: Continue reading

How to shop on a budget


Hey boooos..

So I’ve had this post in my draft for a while but due to this and that, didn’t put it up. We should be well rounded on all things ‘budget beauty’ yes? Anyway that’s how I see it. Most people like me, want to slay all around be it hair, clothes, shoes and what have you but sometimes your pocket wouldn’t permit. I know about that so I’m going to share some tips that could help you out if that is you. And if it’s not i.e. you see what you like and get it without thinking money money, please let’s be friends *sobs*. Here goes: Continue reading