Make a wig

img_0774I’ll like to Introduce you all to my wig making business/company – NGB wigs (NGB being short for ‘Natural girl on a budget’ of course).
Our story:
So almost a year ago, I posted a tutorial on this blog on how to make a braids wig and that tutorial alone has gotten 10’s of thousands of views and that’s humbling really. I’ve been getting pictures sent to me from people who tried out the tutorial and have made their own wigs. But I was also asked by quite a number of people who really can’t or don’t have the time to make their own wigs to sell these to them so I finally started.
I have officially been selling custom made wigs (both with weaves and braids) for some months now and the business has grown to a capacity of employment i.e. I’ve been able to employ a couple of people to enable the work go faster and meet demands so now we are a ‘WE’.
I haven’t talked about this on the blog and I’ve only mentioned it a couple of times on my IG page because I assumed people knew but I got a mail yesterday asking if I sold wigs and I thought of putting up this post.
Services rendered by NGB wigs:
In a nutshell, we custom make wigs i.e. The client tells us what they want, what their budget is and in some cases supply their weaves and we make wigs suiting their needs. In cases where we have all the power, we make a couple of suggestions to the client based on our past works.

The type of wigs includes but aren’t limited to:
Braid wigs
Wigs with lace closure
Wigs without lace closures (bangs, fringes, pixie cuts etc)
Wigs with full frontals/360 frontals
Customization of lace closures and frontals etc.
Our official website will be up soon and I’ll leave a link when it is to ease shopping with us.

Time frame: Braid wigs: 1-2 weeks (except during busy periods but clients will be duly notified).
Weave-to-wigs: 5-7 days.

To make a wig, please call or send a WhatsApp message to: 08132881000
You can also follow us on Instagram @ngb.wigs to view some of our work.

This business idea was gotten from most of you my blog readers so I’ll like to say thank you. Note that you can use the discount code ‘ngbblog10%’ to get a 10 percent discount on your orders..