Hey guys,

I’m more nervous than excited as I start this blogging journey. It could turn out to be anything but I hope it turns out to be inspiring and fulfilling among other great things.

This blog is directed at sharing hair care tips, styling and other fashion finds at the most affordable rates.

Starting with the basics, I big chopped my hair on the 3rd of January, 2014. That’s about 20 months ago and its been funnn for me mostly. I love my natural hair, I love the  versatility of it, I love the texture and very importantly, I love seeing my hair grow. The major challenge I’ve encountered is acquiring all the products I want need at the prices they cost and still have money left over for other things as I’m still a student and I’m not getting paid yet. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me now, was I? You shouldn’t too.

If you’re thinking of going natural or already are and you’re getting discouraged because you’ve heard or found out that you will become a product junkie and therefore spend all of your money or time acquiring products then please join me as I share my experiences and figure out the best ways to grow healthy natural hair on the most affordable budget possible.

Oh don’t worry, I’ll do all the research and even use my hair as the ‘lab rat’ and all you need to do is subscribe, read and comment. Ask me anything hair related and if I don’t already have the answer, I’ll find it for you.

Welcome to Naturalgirlonabudget. Start your hair journey with me, I got your back.

I love you already.

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