Top 10 things you must own if you have natural hair!

Hey guys,

Okay so I put together my own simple list of very very very important things that every natural should have. I’ve found that I can’t do most styling or hair care without these. Oh relax because they are cheap and easy to find mostly. So let’s get started shall we?

  1. Satin caps/pillowcase: These are useful to protect your hair from friction while you sleep and prevent your cotton pillow cases from drying out the moisture in your hair and also helps maintain hair styles. I even personally love the way it glides over my hair. Get one of this if you don’t already because friction + dry hair = breakage.

    Satin bonnet

    Satin bonnet

  2. Bobby pins/ Butterfly clamps: Ooh Bobby what will I do without you? You can never have too much of these. They can be used to hold your hair in place during or after styling and even used to achieve some hair styles etc. But one tip is to ditch these when they get old so they don’t start getting caught and snagging your hair. And you can get yourself a container with a lid to store this else they’ll just keep disappearing. IMG_2073
  3. Wide tooth comb/Denman brush: Do not ever detangle or comb your hair with a regular/fine tooth comb. Make sure the teeth on the comb is far apart or wide enough to slide through your hair preferably after finger detangling. Start out at the tip of your hair and work your way upward to the root. I finger detangle most of the time but these could save you time. IMG_2072
  4. Separate towel/old white t-shirt: With the amount of hair products we use on our hair, it is very advisable to have a separate towel for your hair. Some people recommend that you buy microfibre towels as this are more sensitive when rubbing against your hair and prevent frizz but an old white t-shirt will work just fine in removing excess water from your hair (white so that the colour won’t run into your hair). Try it and notice the difference to regular towels. IMG_2067
  5. Plastic caps: From steaming to conditioning to a host of other things, these are very useful. I don’t have a hooded dryer or steam cap or none of that so for deep conditioning or steaming my hair, I just cover with 2 or 3 caps and a towel and be about my regular duties without getting products all over the place and allow my body to generate the heat for the job!IMG_2056
  6. Spray Bottles: Well you definitely need this since you’re supposed to keep your hair moisturized often focusing mostly on the end/tips as this is the oldest part and is more prone to breakage. I have a mixture of leave in, water and oil in a bottle that I spray on my hair every night. You need a spray bottle(s) for water, oils etc.IMG_2047
  7. Rat tail Combs: Please do not run this through your hair until you have safely detangled with your wide tooth comb. You can use it to smoothen your hair before doing any kind of setting. But I personally use this to neatly section my hair when installing protective styles.IMG_2065
  8. Hair accessories: You will have bad hair days surely. So you want to make sure you have accessories available. Not any that can get caught in your hair though. Hats, turbans, scarfs, elastic hair bands and some fancy hair pieces would be great to have around and not necessarily only for bad hair days self. I mean sometimes jazz that hair up!IMG_2078
  9. Applicator Bottles / empty containers: If you’re like me and you like to DIY, you should have a few of these around. I transfer some of my oils into these for ease of application. It’s a lot easier to just drip drop than go in with my index finger like 50 times. IMG_2079
  10. ECO styler gels: I like!! Holds your hair in place, lays your edges, define your curls without flakes because they are water based and doesn’t dry out your hair like regular hair gels. Definitely a must have for every natural.

Go out, acquire them and conquer the World in all of your specialty. I’ll be creating other lists on essential oils you should have, things you should include in your regimen etc so sit pretty.

What are the things you absolutely can’t do without as a natural?


8 thoughts on “Top 10 things you must own if you have natural hair!

  1. I never realised what a difference a satin cap made until I got one. Before that my ends were so frayed and dry. It really helps! Also deep conditioning never worked until I got a plastic cap. I have nearly everything on this list so I agree that they are definitely must owns!


    • Hey Dani, Natural dyes such as henna are highly recommended but there are other good alternatives such as John Frieda, Dark and lovely, avon etc. The trick is to make sure hair is properly deep conditioned before and after dyeing. Good luck and let me know how it goes if you do.


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