Nigerian Salons and Natural hair…

are your edgesAs I’m typing this post, I’m sipping a cup of tea because green tea solves all my problems and well I seem to have a problem with Nigerian salons.. Wait don’t crucify me just yet if you love your salon or stylist.. But this is something I think most natural haired girls can relate to..

Since I went natural, I’ve been doing most of my hair care and styling myself. Most of the time because while I can do my hair care and braid and even make my own wigs myself, I’ve not been able to fix my weaves myself and so I have to return to the salon once in a while and I just dread it.. why? you’ll find out.

  1. Ah aunty this your hair is very due oh..why not relax it before you fix (mind you, I’m fixing round closing).. due? due?
  2. Lately, I’ve stopped combing my hair because I found that my hair breaks less when I finger detangle but even when I used to, as all naturals have learned, we comb from the tip to the root and detangle on our way down.. But these salon people will just dive in with those fine tooth combs and be about their business. They’ll even go again with rat-tail combs to make it “smoother” just to lay tracks for my weave oh.
  3. No I wont use a shampoo, just help me wash with my conditioner – ah but aunty your hair wont be clean oh.. let me just use a little shampoo – please save me is it your hair?
  4. Ah your hair is fine oh, are you “a deeper life”?
  5. No don’t use bonding glue on my hair – ah but you have to oh if not the style wont come out – who hid the style please?
  6. Why is your hair so oily?
  7. Oh don’t put any gel (black if I may add) on my edges – aunty why? it looks rough without – sigh*
  8. I want to do knotless braids – which one is that again? – Oh never mind, I’ll do crochet braids then – crochet what?
  9. They just want to keep selling you products to make your hair “soft” because they think natural hair = product junkie..
  10. OHHH this one gets to me.. When I tell mummy ejima (she’s bomb with braids by the way if only she’ll listen) to stay away from my edges when installing micro braids and she says yes ma but then I look in the mirror and see my edges nice and ‘tight’ just so the hair will look neat!

To mention but a few.. You would think that as there are a lot of people with natural hair nowadays that these our lovely salon people will educate themselves but no. This even applies to girls with relaxed/texlaxed hair that properly take care of their hair.

Well thankfully now there are some natural hair and natural hair friendly salons opening up around like the KLs beauty bar and O’naturals so I’ll probably check those out when I’m feeling lazy to do my hair myself because I cannot with this struggle anymore..

What are some encounters you’ve had in Nigerian salons as a natural? please share..

xoxo Ella…


15 thoughts on “Nigerian Salons and Natural hair…

  1. I have the same problem. When I had permed hair, I had a good hairstylist, and would get pampered regularly. But I don’t trust hairstylist with my natural hair, so I do it myself.


  2. The struggle is real and you’re not alone. A visit to a salon can nullify months or even years of pampering my hair. I am tired and am learning to do things myself. I have learnt to cornrow and make wigs. Next I’ll learn crochet wigs and braids then kinky twists.
    Afterall I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

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  3. I thought I was the only one.
    When I went to make yarn locs, they charged me higher saying because my hair is virgin and blah blah.
    Some ladies there were like “Girl, you no go relax am?” And I’m like “never”.
    Like we are outcasts lol

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