My night time routine and what guys may think about it…

Hey guys..

Ok so I went out a couple of days ago to see a friend and my hair was looking nice if I may say so myself so of course I took a couple selfies.. A really close friend (guy) saw the picture on my update and said I looked beautiful and that my hair had gotten full.. I’m a sucker for compliments by the way so of course I felt fly.

Later that night when I had gotten back home and showered and done my typical night hair routine which is:

  1. I spray my hair lightly with my water+leave-in+oil mixture. You just need a little amount of leave in..Some people do this every two-three days so it depends on your hair..

    My spray bottle

    My spray bottle

  2. I twist it into about 8-10 parts applying a little shea butter at the tip (I skip the shea butter part on the days I’m feeling lazy) and on most days when I stay at home, my hair will already be in twists so I just seal with Shea butter.
  3. Apply jbco+peppermint oil on my edges because the hair around my edges are really fine(i.e not thick) and Jamaican black castor oil helps to grow thicker hair while peppermint oil stimulates the scalp and encourages hair growth.
  4. Put on my satin bonnet and that’s all..


If you have thick hair, you may really not need Jamaican black castor oil but I’ll encourage you to get it if you don’t. It’s also great for sealing your hair.. A 4oz bottle costs about N1750 here in Nigeria but the oil is really thick so lately I’ve been mixing mine with olive oil and little drops of peppermint oil. This way a bottle lasts longer and it doesn’t weigh down my hair due to how thick it is..

This routine slightly differs when I have weaves or braids in but I’ll be talking about that some other time..

Anyway back to my story, after I had done all this, my hair was looking like thistwist1

twist2I was talking to this same guy and he suggested we Skype..lool. Now the issue here isn’t that I wasn’t wearing any make up which would have bothered most girls but that he hadn’t seen me looking like Medusa with tiny twists sticking out of my head. But who cares about this stuff so I said why not? and then the video came on and with a concerned look on his face he said “what happened to your hair?” and he laughed.. I mean I even laughed along with him because I admit, I looked funny.. But we quickly started talking about other things and that was that.. But what if it was some new guy that I was trying to impress?hmm. Anyway, I’m not giving up my night routine because this baby has to stay moisturized. And well if you have natural hair and you don’t twist or braid up before going to bed, don’t blame anybody when you wake up like this the next

Why must I twist my hair at night?

But look on the bright side, when you wake up and fluff the next day, you’ll be looking all shades of fine and be getting nice compliments and it’ll be totally worth it. Besides if he’s not cool with you in your twists or bonnet then he’ll be missing out on this too..up1

Who else is a member of the forehead gang?

Who else is a member of the forehead gang?

Do you have a night time routine? And has any thing this awkward happened to you yet? Remember this tips apply to both natural and relaxed ladies as long as you want to grow healthy hair..

Gorgeous hair is the best revenge – Ivana Trump

Stay fabulous… Ella


18 thoughts on “My night time routine and what guys may think about it…

  1. You really do have beautiful hair!. I love it. My night routine involves spraying sme water mixed with leave in conditioner, then coconut oil, and then i braid it because i do braids better than I do twists and thats pretty much it.


  2. Girrrrrl, your hair is amazing.
    Sadly I don’t do a night time routine 😩 Gonna fix that up soon though.
    Thank you for this lovely post !


  3. I just had a big chop recently and my hair is about two months old and very short. What do I do to spice up my look with the short hair instead of just combing it every morning? Cos I’m already getting bored with the routine.


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