DIY: Avocado and egg treatment..

Hi my beautiful people.. I’m here with the very first DIY tip on this blog *drum roll*… avocado

So I’ve been reading about this avocado and egg deep conditioning treatment for a while but I had not tried it until my hair was due for deep conditioning last week and my deep conditioner was flashing red signs i.e almost finished. I use Organics by Africas best Olive oil deep conditioner and it costs about N900 (I know right!) and I absolutely love it.. it makes my hair really soft and my curls pop.. I alternate with a another conditioner but that’s not the point.. The point is that it was almost finished and I wasn’t ready to make a trip to the store to get another one so I decided to try the avocado and egg treatment after reading about its many benefits for the hair..

Avocado contains many vitamins that are great for your hair and is very moisturizing as well.. It is often used to revive or replace moisture in dried out or breaking hair, adds shine and strengthen hair roots and ends. eggMeanwhile egg contains protein of course which is good for the hair and other vitamins as well.. Let me not bore you with the details. So anyway, what I did was:

  1. Buy an avocado for N200 and an egg for N30 (by the way how cheap is this)
  2. Sliced the avocado in half, removed the flesh from the skin of one half and blended till it was smooth
  3. Added the egg and a tbs of olive oil for the extra extra the whisked well.
  4. Applied on damp hair and covered with my shower cap.

So this is supposed to be rinsed out after about 30 minutes but I was busy and it ended up staying in for over an hour. Anyway, I rinsed out and mehnnnnn, was my hair soft?! And there was absolutely no breakage or shedding when I rinsed my hair. I was tempted to rock a wash and go because of how beautiful my curls looked but I know detangling later would kill me so instead I applied a little amount of leave in, some coconut oil then twisted it up and sealed with shea butter and that was that. My hair still felt moisturized days and days later..

I would definitely do this often and oh I ate the other half of the avocado, I mean 2 for the price of 1 and all that right? So this is a really good treatment that costs almost nothing and benefits your hair greatly. Try it if you haven’t and let me know what you think. Or if you have, please share your experience with me..

Something new is coming to the blog *dun dun*and I cant wait to share it with you guys. I appreciate all you guys who read and comment on the blog.. xx


7 thoughts on “DIY: Avocado and egg treatment..

  1. I maintain my hair on a budget so i am always looking for DIYs:-) .
    That is my go to deep conditioner, just that i include a banana to add moisture since my hair reacts to too much protein from the egg, then i also add sme honey and thats it.
    You could try it whenever you can.
    I noticed more defined curls when I added a banana to the treatment than when i dint.
    However, make sure the bananas are well blended otherwise you will end up with banana particles in your hair.:-D.
    Lovely post.


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