Crochet braid wig: fake it till you make it..

imageOr maybe the title should have been “how to grow 6 inches in 2 weeks”. I mean look at how natural this stuff looks.. lol

Hey guys, so I made a crochet braid wig using 4 packs of X-pression premium kingky extensions. I had used them twice before to do crochet braids also here

Not a wig though.

Not a wig though

And here to do this bob faux locs. image

I was going to throw them out but then my budget brain wouldn’t hear of it so I decided to make them into a wig and it worked out making this the third time I’ll use them. Ladies please don’t test my ability to use and reuse lol. They’ll probably die here tho but that’s okay..

I was going for the Marley hair look but those cost about double the price of this which I got for N1000 a pack. So because this is a pretty good dupe, I got them instead..


I like this extensions because they are soft to touch (when new though) and they can be reused obviously. I don’t know why I can’t find a good picture of the pack online.

All I did to make this wig was get a netted wig cap, then I detangled and brushed out the extension from my previous use and I got to work.. I already have my latch hook needle. I used the one with the wooden handle.

I installed it on my sisters head because I’m yet to get a styrofoam head and I don’t know why (I love you Tosin lee) but the install was pretty fast. I knew I was going to curl the extensions but I hadn’t made up my mind on what curl pattern I wanted yet that’s why I didn’t do the precurling method. Anyway after installing, I put the hair into twists and then I deep conditioned. Lol I don’t know why I did this but I’m happy I did because the hair came back shinier and a little softer. I used my cheapie VO5 conditioner so no wahala. Then I began curling using the purple rod set.image I didn’t curl in the spiral method like the one above.. I just rolled it like they do when you’re setting your hair in the salon and because I don’t have enough perm rods, I had to do them in batches and it took a while. Dipped in a bowl of hot water for a while, took out the perm rods, separated the curls a bit and bam!imageimage

Since the first time I did this hair, I fell in love because people kept asking me if it was my hair. I love how close it looks to 4c natural hair. This wig is for days when I’m just not feeling the TWA or I want to change up the look. I just secure with the trusted bobbly pins and that’s all.

So what do you think about crochet braid wigs? Tried it yet? And do you think this extension is a good dupe for marley braid extensions? I love hearing from you so please drop a comment..

Have a lovely rest of the week.. Ella


27 thoughts on “Crochet braid wig: fake it till you make it..

  1. Yaaay I love it but I haven’t tried it yet…id see what I can do but cos m not much of a hair person I’d use a stylist to fix up the wig….😁😂


  2. Awwn, this is nice! I have always wanted to try it but I just keep getting discouraged. Thinking how in God’s name i’m going to curl it so it turns out great. coz the last time I made crochet braids the curls didn’t come out well. I’ll give it a try soon hopefully.


  3. Yes I finally cut my hair even tho twas so short that korede was now laughing at me… But I’d try this wig thing tho its s salon that wud do it cos I dunno how to manipulate hair like that *crying* tho am learning how to *smiles*…


  4. It looks so beautiful that I am being tempted to make one. I will surely let you know when I am done.
    I have been planning on buying the expression kingky braid but I saw no reviews online . I can now go ahead seeing its reusable.
    I love your blog.


  5. Nicely done! Well done.

    I am a big fan of protective styling, it lets my hair rest and keeps it away from manipulation.

    Wigs are so protective, I made a crochet wig recently using the Expression Multi hair extension and the net wig cap. I prefer the look of Marley hair though, it really does look like 4c hair.

    You have a great smile. 🙂

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  6. Curls are poppin’ !! You look really nice and it definitely looks natural.
    I’ve always wanted to make a crotchet wig but laziness isn’t helping 😪

    + where’d you get the purple rod set? Been looking everywhere for those


  7. I just found your page now and it is a dream come true. Being a queen myself, you can be sure I’m going to try out every one of your hairstyles and tag you on IG. Please don’t stop helping girls on a budget like myself look good


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