Bagged it!

Okay this post isn’t all hair related. It’s happy news related too lol. I recently bagged my Bsc. Degree in Computer science from Bowen University. I’m very thankful to God for being all He has been and will continue to be to me. And to everyone else who made it seem like beans who I’m sure I’ve personally thanked but well thank you again! If you follow my Instagram @forellamedupin, I’m sure I’ve brought a lot of similar posts to your explore feed. Lol.

Anyway, pictures!!


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Why your hair isn’t growing II : Reasons


Hey lovelies.
So as promised, here are some of the reasons why your hair may not seem to be growing or you’re not retaining Length.

Not enough Moisture : With our climate here and general hair type, our hair is almost always dry and doesn’t retain as much moisture as it needs. The key is to make sure you’re doing your part by moisturizing constantly. DO NOT over shampoo your hair and please deep condition your hair (this has been my game changer). Retaining moisture helps fight breakage which promotes length retention.. You see? It’s all one long chain. On the other hand, do not over moisturize. You don’t want too soft hair either..

Knowing your hair porosity: Porosity is the measure of the hairs ability to absorb moisture. It may not be the end of the World if you don’t know whether your hair is highly porous or has low porosity or maybe it’s somewhere in the middle but having this knowledge provides a guide line on how you treat your hair. Whether you need more moisture or you can do without all that hair product that’ll weigh your strands down. For those with low hair porosity, Continue reading

Benefits of Palm oil for the hair: my palm oil therapy

I don’t know what I was surfing the web for exactly but I was wondering what other oils are good for the hair or something and then I came across palm oil.. I’m like hol’up, palm oil? I read on though and I found out that it has plenty benefits for the hair some of them are similar to coconut oil. Then I checked why it’s not really common in the natural hair community if it was this good and saw that there was controversy due to the way some people believed it was processed. Hmm.. But here in Africa, we consume it left, right and center so I’m pretty sure that doesn’t apply. Before I continue, let me tell you some of the benefits of Palm oil for hair that I found on the Internet: Continue reading

Why your natural hair isn’t growing

Hey people..

imageSo is it a surprise that the most question I’ve been asked since starting this blog is ‘why isn’t my hair growing even after I’ve gone natural?’ Or why aren’t my edges growing? Well no. Not a surprise. Most of us especially naturals want longer hair and that’s okay in fact it’s great so, why isn’t the hair growing??!
My mum has been natural for over 20 years now.. Yup 20 years. And of course it’s not because it was trending the way it is now or because she wanted longer hair. But can you guess how long her hair is now? Continue reading