Naturals in the city 12 and my weekend

Hey my lovelies

So a couple of days ago, last Saturday to be precise, My sister and I attended the Naturals in the city 12 event here in Lagos that was organized by natural Nigerian and some other bloggers. If you’ve not heard about it before, it’s a social event where people get together to discuss a variety of things such as hair care tips, healthy living and so on. Leylarh Cadne from Fayrouz L’original 1 was around to give make up tips along with some other people. Anyway I wouldn’t know much about it because it was my first time attending and I was LATE!! In fact I don’t know how that happened but I was late and I practically missed a lot. The good news is that I got to see people, buy what I wanted and just hang out but I can’t tell you if the event itself was fun or stuff. Forgive me.

Yay I dyed my hair.. More on this later.

Different vendors were present such African naturalistas, Nubian Roots etc..image image image
There was even a food stand and of course I ate..
There was many hair crushes that day to be honest.. From purple Afros to beautiful dreadlocks and the likes but! I didn’t know till that day that I was shy.. It felt weird walking up to people to ask to take their pictures.
I did walk up to some people though but I had to take the remaining pictures from a distance. Forgive me. So I’ll just post the pictures I took from the event below…

She looked so pretty. Pity I can't remember her name..

She looked so pretty. Pity I can’t remember her name..


Gorgeous hair..


Vlogger Whitney Madueke..

image image image

I got the tea tree essential oil and was going to get jojoba oil but they only had the really small bottle so I got chicken instead lol.
Anyway, I left the Social place at some minutes past five and headed over to Moore house Ikoyi for an art exhibition I was invited to and it was really eye opening. The artist is just really good. image image
Well how are you guys doing and which of you was present at this event? Should I let you know when next another one comes around?
Thanks for always reading and dropping your comments. Means a lot.
Happy Independence Β to my Nigerian folks. May God bless Nigeria.
Oh and hey guys, the web address for the blog is now (we have moved to our permanent site lol) thanks to Desola Mako of She’s an angel. Tell your friends to check out this blog. I hope they learn a thing or two..


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