Why your natural hair isn’t growing

Hey people..

imageSo is it a surprise that the most question I’ve been asked since starting this blog is ‘why isn’t my hair growing even after I’ve gone natural?’ Or why aren’t my edges growing? Well no. Not a surprise. Most of us especially naturals want longer hair and that’s okay in fact it’s great so, why isn’t the hair growing??!
My mum has been natural for over 20 years now.. Yup 20 years. And of course it’s not because it was trending the way it is now or because she wanted longer hair. But can you guess how long her hair is now? Pretty long right? Nope! It’s about 8-10″ long or let’s say collar bone length which some people grow in a year or two depending. And by the way, my mum has the softest hair I have ever touched and she cannot go two weeks without shampooing and conditioning her hair. She manages it pretty well as far as she’s concerned so why isn’t it waist length or hip length by now??
Okay one thing I’ve been learning though is that our hair grows (until terminal length) though definitely not at the same rate with everybody else because while you may be able to grow 1/2 an inch every month, mine may take 2 months or whatever. But it grows.. The problem is length retention.
What practices or products do you use on your hair and how do you apply them? Those are the questions we’ll be talking about in this series on Why your hair/edges doesn’t seem to be growing. It’s going to take more than just one post because I know there are different reasons/contributing factors and I’ll be basing them on things we should or shouldn’t do so please watch out and subscribe or follow the blog if you haven’t. I obviously don’t know them all so I’ll love to hear from you. What routine did you have to cultivate or do away with for your hair to retain length? What’s your hair story? Please share them with us so we can educate ourselves on growing long healthy hair whether natural or relaxed.
Any advice or suggestion given is purely based on what I know and what I’ve researched or what has or hasn’t worked for me or other people who share not as a result of any proven test or experiment.
I’ll look forward to hearing from you on this. You know where to find me.


4 thoughts on “Why your natural hair isn’t growing

  1. Hey Ella, Just followed a link and found your blog and I love it. My fellow non-product junkie.
    For me daily moisturising and sealing, keeping my ends tucked in was a complete game changer with my relaxed hair. My hair grew like a weed. Well it’s always been fast growing but I wasn’t retaining length prior. So for me, moisture.
    I’m natural now and trying to keep my moisture levels up so I can grow a really big fro 🙂



  2. Hi Ella. I totally love your blog. For me this question is asked most times for 2 reasons. 1. Shrinkage. 2. Length Checks. Yup! U know how they say a watched pot never boils. Well, if you keep checking your length everyday, it will never ever ever look like it’s growing. So sometimes we just need to take a break and let it do its thing. Shikena!


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