Bagged it!

Okay this post isn’t all hair related. It’s happy news related too lol. I recently bagged my Bsc. Degree in Computer science from Bowen University. I’m very thankful to God for being all He has been and will continue to be to me. And to everyone else who made it seem like beans who I’m sure I’ve personally thanked but well thank you again! If you follow my Instagram @forellamedupin, I’m sure I’ve brought a lot of similar posts to your explore feed. Lol.

Anyway, pictures!!



Ella, Olaoluwa and Keji.

Ella, Olaoluwa and Keji. (My goons)



I was going to get a wig but I didn’t find any decent looking one and I didn’t have time to order online so I got this weave with closure instead. No leave out (not like that’s an option for me anyway) and all that. But even though this event took place last Saturday, believe me, this weave is off my head at the moment. I’m weirdly one of those people that think weaves longer that 8 – 10″ should only be worn on occasion and I was being really lazy about taking care of my hair like I mentioned in my last post.

Anyway, I still have the corn rows from making the hair and that’s what I’m usingย as a protective style for the time being till I figure out what I want to do with my hair. The lady that laid the tracks couldn’t believe my hair was natural cos she said how soft it felt. Lol I was pleased. And my hair got a better treatment that what I described in this post even though I’m sure my edges won’t be thanking me for touching them at all. We’ll see though.

Anyway, raise your glasses to the latest graduate in town. What are you guys doing for protective styles nowadays?

Outfit – Trudy boutique (7E31C60F). She hooked me up with my hair too.

Love.. Ella


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