A “not so washday” wash day – Home made Protein treatment and green tea rinse

Hi hi hi.. Funny things have been happening to me. Like am I the only one whose hair sheds crazy at “that time” of the month? And why does eating groundnut make me break out so much? Tell me we are in this together? Yes? Lol I’m just mad because I like groundnuts.

Anyway I come bearing a quick post on my last wash day / protein treatment. I said in a previous post that the plan was to leave the corn rows from my last fixing till further notice, well here is further notice because my mum won’t let me rest about how rough my hair looked so I carefully took down the corn rows and I’m happy to announce that my edges are doing just fine but I digress. On taking down the corn rows, I had this insane idea to rock a braid out so I didn’t detangle my hair. I just moisturized and sealed daily and I thought I was good. Fast forward to some days later, anytime I put my hand in my hair, it comes out with hair in it. I usually check to see if it’s breaking or just shedding so I’ll know what to do and it was mostly shedded but I was super uncomfortable with the amount of shedded hair because I don’t think my hair grows that fast as to replace all that hair and because I didn’t detangle my hair earlier, they were getting knotted. Sad.

So I started thinking, what can I do? who have I offended? and all that and then it occurred to me that oh, Im on my period but even then, it’s usually not this much. So after ย some soul searching, I decided to do a protein treatment and green tea rinse since I’ve actually delayed on my protein treatment and I definitely needed a tea rinse. So I got started.

I did a home made protein treatment using an egg, 2 tbs of extra virgin olive oil, 2 tbs of honey, 1 tbs of castor oil and because I can’t stand the smell of this ‘concoction’, I added a few drops of my tea tree essential oil. The castor oil was an afterthought though.


Firstly I sprayed my hair with my water + leave in + oil mixture and carefully detangled. Hmm that was a chore but I saw it through. There was tiny hair flying all over the place when I was done but I refused to panic. Anyway after detangling, I applied the mixture to my hair and realized that I should have used 1 tbs of olive oil since I added castor oil because it was too much.

I covered my hair with a nylon first then wore my shower cap over it. After two hours, I co washed with my VO5 silky experience moisturizing conditioner and then proceeded to do the green tea rinse. I left out the part where I’d already boiled the tea and left it to cool but you get the idea. I poured it over my head and into a bucket and repeated three times while massaging my scalp. Then I wiped off with a tshirt.

Green tea rinse.

I had to rush off somewhere and there was no way I was going to air dry my hair without detangling but I didn’t have time to finger detangle so for the first time in a long long time, after applying some leave in (Organics leave in liquid hair mayonnaise- I love this stuff) and coconut oil plus tea tree oil, I detangled using my wide tooth comb and there was almost no hair on the comb or all over the place. Just very very little. And then I started to relax. When I returned, I decided to twist my hair using my ORS lock and twist gel. I like this stuff cos it gets the job done but it dries out my hair most times so I hardly use it. I’ve had this same one since the beginning of 2014.

ORS lock and twist gel

I applied my Shea butter miracle leave in conditioner all over my hair, sealed with raw Shea butter and applied a LITTLE bit of the lock and twist gel on every section before I twisted it. I was so exhausted that I just went to bed after I was done lol.

I went out the following day and my friend took this pictures of me and I didn’t even know but it showed the results so I decided to post it.

I'm always talking ๐Ÿ™ˆ

I’m always talking ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Twist out on 4c TWA

My hair has gotten a bit fuller and I really like it. And my dark roots are becoming more obvious (hello highlights) lol. I got compliments and oh how did you do your hair like this? But I guess y’all already know. So that’s it guys. The protein treatment and green tea rinse really really helped. I was pleased. I think overall, it’s good to pay a little attention to your hair so you can catch these things before they become something else.

Anyway thank you as always for reading. The yearย is almost over so I pray that your heart desires and hair goals (lol) are met and that you find happiness. Enjoy the rest of your week.. Ella.

The Wash Day Experience

12 thoughts on “A “not so washday” wash day – Home made Protein treatment and green tea rinse

  1. Hello Ella,

    Lol @ “who have I offended?” I used to worry about all the shed hair after a weave take-down, it seemed like my hair was falling out. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Then I thought about it carefully, if we are supposed to shed about 150 strands daily, normally, then imagine all the shed hair trapped inside the cornrows while one still has the weave on.

    After that, I stopped worrying about it and focused on getting them out to prevent tangling on my post-weave wash day.

    Tea rinses really strenthen hair. I love the highlighted effect in your hair.

    Have a lovely week!

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  2. Yes,that’s shedding for you.Even though I know the whole shed 50-100 strands a day explanation,I still panic a little at all that hair coming out.But as long as your hair did not feel thinned out or anything,you’re fine.


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