DIY: Crochet braids box braids..

Ladies and …… Lol
I got box braids installed yesterday and I’ve been feeling myself..crochet braids box braids And the best part is that it’s Crochet braids! I’m trying to grow out my edges and I have a really sparse hairline, so I decided to take a long break from all things braids and Ghana weaving. It was a sad decision because normally, I can braid my hair back to back for 6 months. I prefer braids to having weaves in. Anyway, I came across Freedom styles on YouTube and I saw a crochet braid box braid tutorial (lol too long) and I’m like hol up! This could be me. So I decided to try it. The good part about using the crochet braid method to install box braids is that you get to control the whole thing. If you’ve ever installed your box braids by yourself, you’ll be thankful for this method because there’s no stress on your arms and it’s just way easier and faster. I decided to get feathers braids because I’ve done all types of braids before except this one. I had to know if I could pull it off. Lol. And then Sandra got hers and it was just too pretty..

What you’ll need:
2 big packs of Xpression braiding hair.
Rat tail comb
Latch hook needle..

I’m proud of how neat these are lol!

What I did first was create the braid pattern for the hair. I mimicked a style I saw on Pinterest for mine but I guess you could just do straight all back cornrows.. Prior to doing this, I stretched my hair with thread so it was easy to work with and I used little attachment to do the cornrows. I cut the Xpression into 3 and 4 to get this length and tied some yarn around my bedroom window so I could hang the attachment and braid from it.imageI took the hair I wanted to braid and twisted it twice before braiding. Twisting it first creates the loop you’re going to need to crochet it to your hair.image If you can create the loop without twisting, then there’s no need.

When I was done braiding the hair, I trimmed and put it in hot water, let it dry and then I installed it. It took some time to get a hang of it because I didn’t want big knots showing especially at the front and sides but once I did, it was easy breezy.

Crochet braids box braids.

I like that I was able to control where the braids started from because if I go to a salon to get my hair braided, my hair dresser will want the hair to look “neat” and that means she has to pick the tiny edges I’m managing. Lol I can’t have that when hair gel can do the job. I’ll definitely keep using this method to install my braids and twists. So let me know what you think and when you’ll be trying this method for your box braids..

Love.. Ella!


39 thoughts on “DIY: Crochet braids box braids..

    • Lool thank you thank you. I totally get you about the braids DIY, it’s stressful. I took my time to braid the hair cos I was in no rush so it took a couple of days. That’s why this method is a keeper! Installing it took about 40 minutes or a little less.

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  1. just open a salon biko, I love this but I don’t av the strength and patience do myself but if I can explain to a stylist why not…plus I know that my money wud be less if u make it for me😀😁😁


  2. I love loooovee your hair. I witnessed the whole process tho and it was just too amazing. Ure such a hair genius😁
    BTW girls add up to get really nice outfits 7E31C60F


  3. Lol @ ladies and…
    Thanks for the nod Ella! Yours look so neat I want to do it again. And I’ll adjust my method to add this twist at the beginning. I got the loops without it but I think it’ll make for a neater loop.


  4. To me you are like a magician. Why can’t I crotchet my own head sef…Maybe I will take leave from work and crotchet my head…lol

    Very beautiful. I actually did mine at a salon and took it off after a week. Guess I suffered wrong choice of style. I should try yours.


  5. this is so beautiful. I have added to my list of crochet braids styles to try. I just took down crochet braids ,i made with darling zoey(similar to expression multi). I then installed crochet braids with some kinky hair. I am loving the crochet braids life…lol. very easy to diy and good on my edges.
    But i dont know how to feather xpression hair, if u av an helpful link pls, send to me. thanks


  6. This is really nice. I haven’t braided my hair for some time now cuz I’m scared of losing my front hair again which is still recovering from the last. And I badly want to have braids on my hair cuz its an opportunity to breathe from weaves. Now this is a great option. I don’t know who can do it for me. I live in Lekki. My hair is natural. I wish you can do it for me. Is that too much to ask? *covers face* I need the help pls


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