Thank you

Sweet short post on this fabulous gbemisoke shoes I got from one of my favorite Nigerian bloggers thefashionengineer. She had a giveaway on her blog and I won. I have actually never won a giveaway before so you can see why I’m pretty excited? Lol Been feeling fly in this shoes. image imageI was also featured by the ‘oh so cool’ Cassie Davesย on her blog. I’ve been following her blog for years and tbh she’s the coolest.

Check out the post here.ย You’ll get to know a little more about me there (lol don’t you wanna?) and I think it’s an interesting read. Pretty pleeeeasse!

But most importantly, I’m thankful to God for life and love.. Yay it’s December already so Happy new month to you all. I hope it’s not too late to still do what will make 2015 a really good year for you for example, start taking better care of your hair? Lol.

I’m sending loads of kisses from where I am. Have a lovely rest of the week guys.


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