Top mistakes ladies make in caring for our hair..

Ordinarily, the topic of this post would be top mistakes made by naturals or something but then there’s tons of people with relaxed/transitioning hair who take good care of their hair or try to.. So I put together a number of things that we do or have done wrong that we may not even be aware of..

1. Stop comparing your hair to every one else’s (or the gorgeous bloggers on the Internet). We al have different textures, types, regimens, Bla Bla. So just focus on your hair.
2. Purchasing every recommended product. Not everything is for you no matter who recommends it or what’s been said about it. Think of it as getting something for your pimple / acne. People always say use this and that and at the end you find out that not everything works. Saying yes to every product just leads to product junking. I’m totally against that! It’s not good for your pocket or your hair for that matter even if it’s free.
3. Using oil as a moisturizer.. You’ll often hear people say my hair is dry I need to oil it especially in this part of the world lol.. That doesn’t do anything to actually moisturize your hair..No honey.. What you need is a water based conditioner or good ole water itself then you seal with oil.
4. Sticking to a regimen/ product that doesn’t work.. If you get a product say leave in conditioner for example that doesn’t make your hair easy to work with or properly moisturized or you detangle on dry hair but notice that your hair still breaks, switch it up.. Change till you find what works for YOUR own hair..
5. Not focusing enough on the tip/ends of your hair.. It’s the oldest part of your hair and the part most susceptible to breakage so it should be shown more love. Focus your conditioning and dealing on this part, keep it tucked in or away as often as possible, make sure to detangle it properly before raking a comb through it etc
6. Joining too many hair challenges all at once. These are meant to encourage you and provide accountability of some sort not wear you or your hair out. Joining one or two challenges at most at a time is my advice..
7. Not paying attention to the ingredients contained in products.. I still do this.. Sulphates and silicones are a no but they aren’t the only ones are they? It may be just one thing in a product that makes it work or not work for you.. Still working on this though..
Anyway that’s what I could put together and I hope it’s helpful. But in other news, I tried making the No knots braids on my sisters’ edges and although it felt knot less, it didn’t look knotless. It’s great for your edges because well it prevents it from forming those knots that leaving your braids in for a while forms which creates tension on the edges and could cause breakage.


What it’s supposed to look like.


Just the hair around the edges though


What it looks like..

Maybe I got a technique wrong or something. I’ll figure it out and share. Feel like I shouldn’t share only the wins lol. Anybody knows any YouTube link I could watch to perfect this? Please leave below. Thank you. Have a lovely lovely weekend


8 thoughts on “Top mistakes ladies make in caring for our hair..

  1. Hi Ella,

    @ “my hair is dry I need to oil” XD

    Lol, thank goodness for the fresh orientation that we now have about hair care. I remember when applying heavy petroleum-based pomades on the hair was considered a good thing, I know better now, when my hair is thirsty I spritz with a glycerin and water mix.

    Your sister is so lucky that she has you to style her hair. I once saw a post about knotless braids on Daboju’s blog, I think one is supposed to braid the hair for a bit before adding the extensions. See here-

    Have a great week.

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