Havana twists for less than N2000


I couldn’t wait!! I was going to put this post up later but I couldn’t sit still and keep you all in the dark about this MAJOR dupe for Havana twists I got. I’ve been wanting to get crochet braids Havana twists since as long as Instagram bloggers made it look cool lol but it’s really scarce here in Nigeria and when you finally find it, it costs quite a lot considering you have to use between 3-5 packs to get the desired volume you want. Over the weekend, I got grey box braids (crochet of course) done but sadly I got complains from my Ogas at the top at work about how unprofessional it was or whatever by the way, I’m just a Corper oh. Anyhooo, I innocently went to the market to get black Brazilian wool to recreate the same style and I had actually already paid for the rolls I got and was about leaving the shop when I saw it!! I saw this already twisted kinky looking hair just waiting for me to crochet it to my beautiful head. I quickly gave back the wools in exchange for them and I’m really happy I did. It was so cheap that I thought I was dreaming. Please keep reading to get the juicy details on this look!



See how excited I was lol

See how excited I was lol

First things first, the name of the hair extension is Naomi Boom. That’s all I know about the name. Haven’t seen this product in the market before. It comes already twisted and its 26 pieces in a pack, 13 per each bundle. I got 3 packs because I wanted it to be full. A pack cost me 600 Naira only. Infact I priced it down from the N650 the salesman called it cos well I was in the market lol. Simple as ABC. So when I got home, I took out the grey braids and made a few tweaks in my corn rows then installed them and my darling darling friend Keji assisted me. As usual the installation took all of 30-45 minutes. This isn’t a tutorial post cos I already have two of those here and here on the blog so the same rules basically apply.. I made the hair in both center and side parts. I styled it in side part in these pictures but I can always switch it up. I’ve gotten tons of compliments on the hair and I actually have a few clients lined up who want to get this same style done. Since I just got the hair installed, I can’t say anything about how long it will last but I’m willing to keep it in for about 3 weeks to a month. I’ll perform scalp massages as often as I can and of course keep my hair underneath moisturized as much as I can..
So for the ladies that have been dreaming or planning on getting this style done but haven’t yet because of the pricing, Naturalgirlonabudget has come to the rescue lol. It’s all about budget beauty.. Pretty please follow this page (budgetbeautyhair) on Instagram.
As usual, I hope this was helpful.

Love, Ella.



70 thoughts on “Havana twists for less than N2000

  1. You beat me to it!
    Lol! I was in the market looking for Noble kinky bulk, and I was offered this. Looked sooo good. But the woman was calling 1k for me. Mscheeeew! Inside Apapa market o, not like it was Lekki. I got something else for a curly crochet ‘do but I bookmarked this one as my next style.
    Yay! Now I can bargain right. It’s so beautiful on you. And hey fellow corper πŸ˜€

    Naija girl next door


  2. Hi Ella,

    You give the best tips. I have been quietly eyeing the crochet braid havana twists on Kemi Lewis’ and Tunmise’s instagram, both are natural hair salons. The price though! This dupe is excellent, the open market is the ideal place for bargain hunting. I hope I find this brand in Balogun market.

    I like your hair, the length is perfect too. πŸ™‚

    I just took a peek at your instagram page and saw the grey braids, they look very tidy, but I suppose not all workplaces are that flexible.

    Enjoy the rest of the week.


    • Yes the pricing was my hinderance all along. Thank God for dupes. I would be surprised if you didn’t get this at Balogun market you may just have to move around a bit..
      I’m happy the grey braids were crocheted. I’ll install them another time.
      Thanks for taking time to read..

      Liked by 1 person

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  4. Hi Ella,

    My hair isn’t natural ( can’t bear it because my hair is just too full even when relaxed πŸ˜₯) but I love these big braids, it gives an adorable ethnic look. I’ll still try them. Thanks for the tip!


  5. Hi Ella! Nice hair. I’m a bit confused on how to make the tip of my Brazilian wool in twist. Burn it or cut and secure with the wool. Any advice? Thanks


    • Thank you.. Burning it makes it look tidy but that depends on the look you’re going for because it works either ways.. My only issue with burning is that it kept rubbing against my clothes anytime the hair wasn’t packed up..


  6. Hi Ella, Nice hair. I’m a bit confused on how to make the tip of my Brazilian wool in twists look. Burn it or cut and secure with the wool. Any advice pls? Thanks


  7. Once more, ur hair is dope girl. I love the volume. I’m also a naturalist like u and find it hard to get the right hairstyle. I checked out ur instagram page. Please I’m in Niger state. How can I get the braids as I would love to install them asap. Please is there anyway u can help. Or how can I reach you. Thanks.


  8. The twists in the pack is long, did you cut it??? If you did, how did you install it cos there won’t be any hole it’ll pass through.


  9. Wow this is really nice and lovely came right at the nick of time. Going thru ur page u look absolutely gorg. Keep up the good work


  10. This is really beautiful and i want to try it, but omo, for my area, na 1K ooo……….imagine.Please do you think 2 packs will be enough?


  11. You’re a blessing! I have been searching for pretwisted braids for eternity because making the braids myself is not funny. Tried it twice. NAOMI BOOM. Once I take down this PS I have on now. I am doing it. Thanks! I hope it looks pretty on me like it does on you


  12. You are a life saver!! Just had an argument with my boyfriend .. He says it’s too expensive!! And now you brought this.. I hope I can get it in Benin Republic


    • Loosen the cornrows abit so its not too tight. If you are in lagos go to Apogbon area in Lagos area where they sell weave on and attachment the price is N700


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  14. Hey guyz, I got mine for the price of #900 over her, still not sure on what style would suit me. i googled it and saw a lot of cool styles now am even more confused, just want to know if I could get d styles on my hair all at once (winks). I do love the product tho, especially the lightness.


  15. hey guy! I just got mine for #900 but am still not sure what style would suit me. I googled it and saw a lot of cool styles, and now am even more confused, I think I’ll just keep staring at the pack, coz even in d pack it still looks good or maybe I’ll just rock all d styles I saw on Google (winks). I do love it tho, what I find most alluring about this product is the lightness. i’ll post it once I make something once


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