Hey guys..

I know I’m the only that sometimes looks in the mirror and doesn’t like the image staring back.. I also know that my skin isn’t smooth, my tommy isn’t flat enough, my hair isn’t curly or long enough, I’m a tad bit fatter than I want to be and generally my body isn’t just “body goals”. And at my age, I still have acne, the one that people promised me will clear up once my teenage years are over and oh! the stretch marks, these just keep appearing.. And some days, I see people with flawless skins who are other wise perfect and the insecurities set in. But you know what I came to realize, this is me! This is my body, this is who I am. I am so much more than the acne or even my straight white teeth, I am funny, smart, and so much more. So I learned to accept myself and love my self because flaws and all, that’s who I am and I can only get better. It’s a daily process though and that’s why I’m really excited about The girl journey event – The Project loving you! What is this about? I’ll tell ya..

This project is an initiative of The Girl Journey, a Non Govermental Organization dedicated to setting a new standard of beauty in a world that has its own preformed ideas of what beauty should look and feel like. The Girl Journey is helping girls transform self-doubt into self-love by providing a safe space to connect and have honest conversations about topics that matter including but not limited to education, sex, beauty and empowerment. We work to help the girl child love who she is, to see all the positives in herself, how to harness these positives, shape her immediate environment and to empower her to inspire the same in others.

Everyone has flaws, even DIAMONDS have flaws. Nobody was made perfect, even those that seem perfect still have flaws and teaching young girls to see the beauty in that flaw is what LOVING YOU is about.
To achieve this and further spread our message of self love, we would be having a photoshoot with ladies(mostly bloggers) who are in support of this vision, with their natural hair (no added extensions) and no makeup on. The pictures would be unedited too.
After this shoot we would launch a social media campaign with the #PLY (project loving you) and reaching to more ladies.
We would have ladies from the ages 14-30 present at the event. This is a sophisticated event aimed at celebrating the beauty of the woman, tackling issues on self esteem and discovering what makes each of us beautiful not just the outward appearance.

For the event we would have;
– A photo session with each of the ladies
– Spoken word poetry
– Live musical performances.
– Round table discussions talking about feeling Unpretty and Loving You, self esteem issues in teenage girls and women, turning self doubt to self love.
– Meet and greet for the bloggers
– Games: secret hair Santa.

Come with two notes:
-note one a list of things you do not like about yourself or things that make you doubt yourself.
-note two a quote about what makes you beautiful and a list of things you like about yourself.
Please these lists should be anonymous because it will be dropped at the door on entering the venue.

And the best part is that I get to take one of you my lovely readers along with me (meaning if we haven’t already met, we get to meet yaay!).. So please indicate your interest in the comment section and the lady will be chosen randomly.

Venue: Terrakulture
Date: 23-04-2016
Time: 12noon
Admission: free

To attend, you have to book in advance because there are limited spaces available. Send an email with your name to to indicate interest.

I’ll be delighted to meet you there. Let’s show the world how beautiful we are and how much we accept ourselves flaws and all!

All my love.. Ella



  1. Hi Ella,

    I’ve seen posts about this on a few blogs and I’ve really enjoyed the various write-ups introducing the event.

    Funny how we all go through phases of insecurity that later seem so laughable in retrospect, after we’ve conquered our self-doubt. 😀

    This sounds like a really great initiative, I love the positive vibe.


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