Wash day: DIY avocado + honey deep conditioner

Hi lovelies..

I realized that it’s been a while since I documented any wash day so I decided to talk about this one featuring avocado and honey for my deep conditioning..
So I recently switched to this deep conditioner (Curls and Naturals conditioning repair mask) that I heavily ‘fux’ with but I ran out and it was wash day so I stepped out of my house and got an avocado.. This fruit is really good as a deep conditioner and I wrote all about its benefit here..
I started by detangling my hair in parts with this Profectiv  Mega growth deep conditioner that I didn’t realize contained mineral oil & petroleum jelly so I’ve just resorted to using it as prepoo till it’s finished.. I detangle my hair when it’s dry as I found that my hair sheds/breaks a lot less this way. Btw, I did a quick stretching to show you the progress my hair has made since my big chop in September (Remember that post?)

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

A little over 7 months


I cleaned my scalp with my dessert essence shampoo (shout out to Lolade for this gift).. Of course it’s SLS free but the amazing this about this shampoo is that it makes my hair soft. I’m often tempted to wash my hair weekly because it just makes conditioning go a lot smoother..
Followed with a VO5 moisturizing conditioner
I prepared my deep conditioner by blending the avocado (please make sure this is blended smoothly if not the particles will remain in your hair even after the rinse).
I then added
– 3 table spoons of honey.
– 2 tables spoons of coconut oil



Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

avocado, honey, coconut oil mixture


Applied to my damp hair and covered up with a plastic bag and a shower cap for a while and then rinsed out.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

shampooed hair versus conditioned hair (see the difference)


Because I didn’t blend the avocado well enough, I had some particles in my hair and it took forever to get them out. I followed with my natures gentle touch leave in conditioner, some tea tree oil, sealed with Shea butter then I detangled and put my hair in loose twists because I totally loved the look on Sandra and of course she totally slayed the look..



Pros : I’ve used avocado to deep condition my hair before but in a different mixture so what surprised me was how shiny my hair looked after rinsing. Maybe I’ll owe this to the coconut oil..
– My hair had some elasticity and felt very soft to touch.
– I didn’t blend the avocado smoothly so I had particles in my hair and it took a while to come out..

Have you tried this deep conditioner yet? and what’s your favourite DIY conditioner?



8 thoughts on “Wash day: DIY avocado + honey deep conditioner

  1. Avacado should be every natural girl’s go deep condition ingredient. I tried a similar concoction;
    1 banana, 1 avacado, honey, coconut oil, egg yolk. It leaves your hair softer & shinier.

    Btw I digg the subtle Naija reference, What mag is that?

    Great post! Thanks for sharing.


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