DIY: The easiest way to make a lace closure for your weaves/wigs

Hello guys what’s good? Lol. So first off all, shout out to all the weaves that served us before we went natural.. I hope they’re doing good where you put them and haven’t touched most of them cos ‘natural hair’? Well for me I didn’t totally give up on weaves after going natural same as most of us but the struggle to find the perfect technique to close my weaves that wouldn’t cause damage to my hair and still slay has been real. Then came the lace closures to our rescue but how many closures will I buy for different colors or textures of weave? Quite a lot meaning more money yea? No.
Thanks to my friend D, I was able to learn the easiest way to make a closure for my weaves (or wigs in my case). That means it’s time to shake off the cobwebs from your weaves and start slaying.

What you need:

The weave
Hair glue
Hair spray

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

First step is to sew down your lace on the wig cap at the place you want your part to be even before you start sewing the weave down. Unfortunately this isn’t a tutorial on how to make a wig but if you want to see that, I’ll be happy to oblige.

easiest way to make a closure
– After sewing the weave up till the part where your lace is, you take a piece of hair, measure it against the length of the lace and cut.
– Next you split the weft of the hair in two.. This makes it lay flatter. Then you apply some glue to the hair. I apologize for the picture quality because they were taken at night.
– Place the hair very close to the last track of hair already sewn down but facing the opposite direction.

easiest way to make a closure
– Apply some hair spray and hold it down tightly.
– Now flip it toward the direction you want the hair to lay. And hold it down a bit.

easiest way to make a closure
– Repeat the process on both sides till you get to the middle of your closure and remember to hold it down tightly and do not use too much glue to avoid stains.
– Done! Now you have your closure.

you can make your closure longer

you can make your closure longer

easiest way to make a closure
– The last and most important step, SLAY!

easiest way to make a closure
For those who care to know, the weave I used to make this wig is 16″ Caribbean curl by Top Quality.

Would you try this method for your closing?

Side note: if you are in Ibadan Nigeria, you can catch my interview on NTA Ibadan by 1:30pm on Thursday the 5th where I’ll be talking about my blog, business and my passion for it yay!

Love… Ella


40 thoughts on “DIY: The easiest way to make a lace closure for your weaves/wigs

  1. Hi Ella,

    You are a DIY star, this is such a pocket friendly hack considering that closures are not exactly cheap.

    I remember Bookie Kunlere once got a weave done and the hair stylist finished the part using this net closure technique, I always wondered how it was done and how it could be replicated on a wig. Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial. 🙂

    Congrats on the television interview, well done! I hope you are able to get a clip so that you can share it here.

    Enjoy the rest of the week.


  2. Hi Ella,
    Thank you for sharing all of these tips, keep up the good work.
    By the way, where or how can I get a lace, if I wanna try this out.


  3. Hi please where do you get your lace? I have been looking for it but the ones i get look like they would jist rip under pressure…or is it just fine net?


    I’m definitely going to try this ! Buying closures isn’t easy mehn
    Thank you so much for sharing
    + where can I get lace from ? 🤔

    Newbie reader by the way !
    Your blog is amazing !


  5. Thanks for sharing. I will def try out. But please can I follow dis method for a center parting instead of side? Trying to change my hairstyle. Been on side for too long. Thanks again.


  6. hi dear, I came across your blog last week and I was inspired to try making a wig, am do surprise at the out come cos I’ve never made any one’s hair before. thanks for the inspiration
    am having a problem of getting a dome cap so I use a net weaving cap, if you have any idea how I can get please do reply. thanks.


  7. Thank you Ella for sharing.this is way easier than the other method of laying them ontop of each other.recently came across your blog and it’s been really inspiring.thank you👍


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