The wig life..

Hi similar to the conversation we had in this post, myself and my friend got into talking about the wig life. So I’m like “I live for this wig thing oh especially with the heat and all lately. Also because of the freedom and easy access to my natural hair wearing wigs provide” and she goes yea that’s so true and all (she’s also natural). Mind you, the first thing I literally do when I get home is take off my wig before anything else.. It’s like I leave my house just so I can come home and take off my wig lool. It’s just a beautiful way to live.. Then we started talking of how we may probably wear wigs forever (a little dramatic yea?) except when our hair is in braids or in its natural state.

Then the question of ‘what of when you’re in a relationship or you’re married? came up.. How will you go about the house without hair or rather in boring cornrows all the time.. Hmm speaking of, at the moment, both of us are single and haven’t been in a relationship since we started living the wig life so the whole thing was just hypothetical. And I said, my husband will have to get used to seeing me in cornrows oh because there’s really nothing I can do and she’s like hell nah, when I get home, I’ll loosen my cornrows and put my hair in a simple style..
Me: What of when you have to go out the next day?
K: I’ll put my hair back in the corn rows and even have him help me. Me: So it’s going to be an everyday thing?
K: Yes oh, I have to stay cute for my husband..
That is such a struggle and although I understand where she’s coming from, I do not see myself going there at all. My arms aren’t made of rubber now. My husband will find a way to deal with the corn rows biko. But okay I’m jumping the gun here. What of my boyfriend who I still have to impress and stay on ‘fleek’ for? That got me thinking.. Will I put on a wig each time he’s coming over to see me or spend the night? Ha! But then how will I just be rocking cornrows 80% of the time we are together? This was our dilemma oh dear people Lool. I love the wig life to be honest but you can admit it’s not comfortable all the time except you want to look like an old woman who has just given up on fleeking yes?
So what do you guys think? Rock the cornrows not withstanding or loosen and restyle your hair everyday like K? Let me know your thoughts.. If you’re married or in a relationship and you can relate, please we need your advice ohh lol.
Ps: this is just for laughs. I’m all for being happy and comfortable in what you choose.

Lots of love.. Ella


20 thoughts on “The wig life..

  1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I know the wig life oo and it’s bae. I so enjoy rocking a weave than braids and weaves. Plus I get to take care of my natural hair beneath it. I remember I rocked one wig for 2 months πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I couldn’t just let that wig go like that ooo

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  2. Okay this got me laughing hard… Great post.
    The wig life is awesome… Started wearing wigs before I even started transitioning last year and I’m not stopping lol.
    The guy I was dating while transitioning was actually pretty cool about it and would tell me to take the wig off and be comfy in my cornrows… Bummer the relationship didn’t work out.
    I haven’t dated anyone since my big chop but in my head if I were in a relationship I’d have moments of fleekness and moments where I’d just rock the cornrows (even after me & bae are comfy with each other) …I’m human na…
    even if one wasn’t “living the wig life” you can’t be on fleek every single day…
    So he better get used to seeing both sides and appreciate the “glow up”.

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  3. Loool πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. I totally relate, but i think the whole point of wiging is to look fleek so if your cornrows are up and fleek with sleek edges and all i think we’re good to go.. the wig would just be an extra spark he sees but i would definitely work on being still fleek on my nachi weaves boyfriend or husband..

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  4. When he loves you trust me he will get used to it … his mum probably does the same when she gets home so it’s not something new (unless she doesn’t rock wigs) …my bf knows I’m a natural and I wear wigs but he hasn’t seen me without it but he has said he wouldn’t mind me having it off at home he loves me either way as long as you explain you are a natural and that you wear wigs it won’t be a shock one day when u take it off..the problem comes when you pretend the wig is your hair then suddenly it comes off. Hope that helps πŸ˜‰ #naturalgirlstruggle

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  5. I am married and I love my wigs, they are sooo comfortable. I make my cornrows myself and I redo it everyweek.I buy ready made wigs, diy at times or my hairdresser makes it. My husband loves it, he encourges me to buy more wigs. This Lagos heat is too much abeg, wiglife is the best . I love your blog Ella, keep up the good work.

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  6. My boo is fine with my cornrows when I take my wig off. I feel self conscious about it, and try to keep my wig on most of the time, but he really doesn’t mind. I switch up my styles fairly regularly, so it’s not all wigs all the time.

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  7. Ha…you say? Biko, the wig life is bae. Boyfriend better get ready to see me on my natural twist dreads and cornrows…I still look as pretty, so? Or better still, I like myself like that, lol. However, I still feel he should be aware upfront of Your wig game because I can’t be plaiting cornrows every day sha oo. Imagine you don’t tell and he nags at your hair maybe while kissing you & whoop…the wig falls? Hehehe, sister it will not be funny oo. Oh Ella,thanks abeg…at least I had a good laugh reading this plus I followed ur DIY wig post and made my own very braids wig by myself…difference is instead of a mannequin, I used a mop stick tied with a bournvita can…kikikikiki. #OkBye!


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