How to wash your hair in box braids or crochet braids

How to wash your hair in box braids I made a terrible mistake. I did. My hair has gotten used the routine – cowash every weekend, shampoo every two weeks, protein condition before protective styling etc etc. And we flourished because we had an understanding but I made a mistake. About a week ago, I decided to install bob box braids (crochet method of course) so I got to work getting the hair braided. On my friends birthday, she insisted I get a new hair done cos she was taking us out to dinner and because I love her *side eye*, I installed the crochet braids last minute without washing or conditioning my hair *sobs*. I had a great time at dinner and I ate till I couldn’t walk but but but my scalp started itching.

Picture via the birthday girl

The itch got so bad on the days that followed that I injured my scalp. So I considered washing my hair. But I had a bad experience the last time I washed my hair in box braids that I ended up loosening the hair because it became so rough. Since I hope to keep this style in for about 3 weeks, I had to do things differently this time and I did! Let me share how.

First step, get an empty spray or applicator bottle. I used the latter.Β Using the 1:4 3:4 method, put some shampoo and warm water in the bottle and shake. If you have some tea tree oil, adding a few drops wouldn’t hurt.
Get a wash cloth or a handkerchief.
Dampen your washcloth with the shampoo mixture, part your hair in sections and wipe or rub back and forth..
Repeat this till you feel your scalp is clean.
Now, rinse your washcloth in clean water and repeat the wiping process.
You want to make sure that your shampoo mixture doesn’t lather too much so you can get it all out by wiping with clean water.

This is how much lather I allowed

The front was done in micro braids because of the size of the braids. Can’t afford to hurt my edges.
For an extra feeling of cleanliness, make an apple cider vinegar mixture and spray this all over your scalp. Let it sit for about ten minutes, then wipe down with clean water. This is great for getting rid of dirt and also helps with itches..
I followed this by doing a 1:2 1:2 mixture of my favorite moisturizing conditioner and applied it to the cornrows beneath my braids. The conditioner I used also works as a leave in so although I wiped it down with clean water some minutes later, I wasn’t really keen on getting it all out.
Now to what I consider the most important part, dry your hair thoroughly.. You want to make sure that before wrapping or covering your hair up, it is properly dry else it may keep itching..
Doing these took care of the itch and now I’m freeee!

How to wash your hair in box braids

How to wash your hair in box braids

Use some edge control if you feel the need to..

Days later, my hair is still pretty and I still slay (I know I use ‘slay’ a lot but meh).
I hope these tips were helpful? Yes? Share with someone who may need it. Now you don’t have to wait 3 weeks or a month before washing your hair just because box braids..

Enjoy your week.. Ella


12 thoughts on “How to wash your hair in box braids or crochet braids

  1. Hi Ella,

    Ah, I know that feeling of scratching till one “punctures” their scalp. πŸ˜€

    I wash my hair nearly weekly when in braids, I can’t bear the thought of flakes or build-up at the base.
    Your short-cut method is both quick and effective, thank you for sharing, very helpful tips.

    Your bobbed braids suit you beautifully. #DIYslayer.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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