How to shop on a budget

Hey boooos..

So I’ve had this post in my draft for a while but due to this and that, didn’t put it up. We should be well rounded on all things ‘budget beauty’ yes? Anyway that’s how I see it. Most people like me, want to slay all around be it hair, clothes, shoes and what have you but sometimes your pocket wouldn’t permit. I know about that so I’m going to share some tips that could help you out if that is you. And if it’s not i.e. you see what you like and get it without thinking money money, please let’s be friends *sobs*. Here goes:

1. The first and foremost on this list is to stay AWAY from mass productions or “China” as its popularly called. Brrr.. Budget or not, it’s not cute to own something ‘pinging’.

2. Shop in your closet. Don’t be quick to throw away old stuff. Go online, check out DIY tutorials and recreate them with or sometimes without a tailor. There’s most likely stuff you haven’t worn in a while because it’s out of style so see if you can repurpose them.


3. Keep your eyes open for SALES.. Honestly there are some websites/boutiques that I just go straight to the SALES link/section such as Asos, Zara etc. There’s always sales going on, watch out for them. Ain’t nothing bad in waiting a bit for sales season.


4. If you live in Lagos, head over to Lagos/Balogun market (Eko)! There’s great stuff there if you are prepared to walk around and find the unique and sweet things at good prices. Have a customer who’ll be willing to keep single pieces for you. Asides from human parts, I don’t think there’s anything you won’t find here. I might even be wrong about that one lol.

5. Don’t be afraid to “thrift”. Ok it’s not exactly thrifting in Nigeria (you know), but don’t be afraid to check out those stores once in a while. You’ll find some amazing vintage and even last season designer pieces at the lowest prices. Just make sure you don’t get carried away with the low prices that you end up buying things with the wrong fit or things that’ll end up in the dustbin.

6. Stalk fashion bloggers.. Most of the time, they leave the links to where they purchased their outfit or where you can get similar ones. If it’s within your budget, go for it or look for similar pieces at cheaper prices..

7. Buy classic pieces that you can style in a hundred different ways without being obvious. I like to ‘see the future’ of an item before I make a purchase and know how I can get creative with them e.g an LBD, a good pair of jeans etc. Think of how the things you already own will go with the ones you want to purchase.


8. Raid your mums/ big sisters/friends closet: Oh you’ll be surprised at the things you can find there. If they’re bigger than you, think shirt dresses! Same size, then yay! Besides you know how mums wear the good stuff only, so it’s a win win.

9. Statement pieces/ jewelry: A classic statement piece can be really distracting. That way, people won’t notice that you’re repeating that shirt again. Go for wide brim hats, chokers, bold lip colors etc. The right accessories are all you need sometimes.


10. Curb your need/appetite for impulse buying: Try as much as possible to have a budget and stick to it. Some things will go out of fashion before you blink an eye so you want to make sure you’re making the right decision when shopping. Be confident and creative enough in what you own and shop things that reflect your personal style.


Hope this was helpful? Some DIY fashion posts maybe? Let me know.

Photo credit: Google images.

Stay slaying.. Ella


8 thoughts on “How to shop on a budget

  1. That ‘Impulse buying’ cartoon cracked me up. πŸ˜€

    Amen! to shopping in your own closet. I enjoy refashioning clothes, suck out all of their potential purposes every which way, before they truly die. Lol

    A very helpful post, thank you for sharing.


  2. I am one hell of an impulse buyer. If I see something I think I like and I don’t get it, my mind keeps going back there until I eventually do. Then, I end up regretting and asking myself ‘was this really necessary?’ Oh well! About the asos and Zara shops, how long does it take to ship to Nigeria?


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