Product Review: Cro-Havanna Twist from FREEDOM collection.

Natural girl on a budgetI had no intention of blogging about this hair but since I posted it on my Instagram page @ellamedupin, I’ve been getting questions non stop about it. Questions and compliments too so I decided to make a detailed post reviewing the hair for those who have questions. Since this post wasn’t planned, I don’t have the necessary pictures but I’ll do my best to be as detailed as possible. Plus I threw in some pictures showing you some ways you can style this hair so please keep reading.

The name of this hair is Cro-Havanna Twist and it’s from the FREEDOM hair collection brand. It’s a 2 in 1 hair because you can unravel the twists to get a different look. There’s different types of crochet braid hair from the FREEDOM collection and they’re all listed at the back of the pack with pictures shown.

Havana twist in Nigeria

Sorry about the picture quality

This hair isn’t bulky at all but it can get a little heavy depending on how many packs you use. Speaking of, I used 6 packs (5 blacks, 1 purple) to achieve this hairstyle.. I know right?
A pack contains 12 pieces of hair and I initially got 4 packs but it wasn’t enough at all so I had to go back to get two more packs. A pack costs N1500 for 24″ (what I have on) and N1000 for the 12″ but you might find it cheaper if you’re buying in bulk. So in total, I spent N9000 to get this look and since I installed it myself, that’s all I spent.
I made a total of 8 cornrows on my head so that’s roughly 9 pieces a row. I crisscrossed each cornrow to get different parts on my hair.
I purchased this particular brand because of the look I was going for i.e. The Havana twist, it was the most affordable I could find. The Janet collection Mambo twist retails for about N2500, and Supreme Royal twist retails for about N3000 a pack though I don’t think you’ll need up to 6 packs because they are more bulky than this one.
Now the Pros of this hair:
– It’s light weight.
– Soft to touch.
– Available in different colors.
– Quite economical.

– I don’t think it’s reusable. That’s my own judgment because it’s so soft and some strands of hair are coming out already.
– It’s too bouncy for my own comfort lol.

Will I repurchase though? Yes but in a shorter length i.e. 12″. I like big hair but long hair isn’t really my thing except it’s a wig lol.
So overall, I’ll grade this hair a 7.5/10 which is fair considering I haven’t stopped getting compliments since I installed it.
As to where you can get it, ask around in your local beauty supply stores/market. I got this in Ibadan so I’m sure you’ll find it if you look well enough.

So that’s my honest review of the Cro-Havanna twist from FREEDOM collection. You can check out other crochet braids hairstyles I’ve done here, hereΒ and here.
Ways you can style this hair:
Side and center part:

Crochet Havana twist in Nigeriaimage

Half bun:

Crochet Havana twist in Nigeria

What’s this style called?


Thank you to all the people who leave comments and suggestions. You make my life easier. If you have any more questions, you know where to find me.
Have the best week ahead guys. All my love… Ella.


24 thoughts on “Product Review: Cro-Havanna Twist from FREEDOM collection.

  1. Hi #EllatheDIYslayer,

    I love this look, It actually looks springy and lightweight, you look great.

    The crochet braids revolution is here to stay! πŸ™‚


  2. korede I swear down u re making me want to try all dis at once….wat to do? am in love wit dis!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍


  3. This hair is beautiful, looks great on you. It’s really less expensive compared to Janet noir and krochetkulture but 9k for a hair we’re not sure is reusable? That’s alot for me, especially this change seasonπŸ˜‰ Lemme start saving towards this


  4. You really look great on your havanna twists. I installed same in 12inches which I reviewed on my blog . I dont really like the fact that it is not reusable. Why should one spend this much, only to take it down in 4 weeks, at most 6 weeks and not reuse. Last time I checked, affordable human hair weaves can be reused several times and can last more than a year. Anyway, it will pass for wig after first install.


  5. This looks so beautiful!
    Please compare it to the Naomi Boom.
    It looks pretty similar to Stephanie Coker’s brand and the sort of hair Kiitana rocks.
    Your posts are getting me really excited and happy.
    I sha need to stop reading and shower because i need to be somewhere before 12:30, Yikes!


    • Heey Ella your hair looks amazing! Your make up is also fleeking!! Nice πŸ‘πŸ‘
      I wanted to ask your opinion which would you recommend the Janet collection or the Freedom collection to achieve nice looking crotchet twists. Thank you


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