One year Nappiversary (How to retain over 6 inches of growth in 1 year).

Good day beautiful people. Hope you’ve been having a stellar week? Mine has been just okay but I’m super excited to share this post with you! It’s been sitting in my draft since the beginning of this month but life has been getting in the way. So I’m happy I’m finally putting it up!

A year ago, I did the big chop for the second time because I wanted to retain more length in this new journey and today is the day we see how far we’ve come. You can read all about that HERE! Lol I’m saying we because you’ve been getting all the random gists about my journey for the past year so it’s a ‘we’ thing right? Thankfully I was able to retain some length so in this post I’ll be sharing how much length I retained, how I achieved that, my regimen and a little tip here and there. As well as announce a giveaway so please keep reading!

Okay so most of us know that our hair grows at an average rate of 1/2 an inch a month right? Although that’s an average because I know people with faster growth rates and all. But averagely if you retain about 4-6 inches a year, you’re making progress and guess what?! I retained all 6 inches and a little more. Yep! I put a measuring tape to my hair today after stretching with thread and the front part of my hair measured 6 and 3/4 inches, the sides measured almost the same and the back measured roughly 6 and 1/2 inches which is pretty impressive if I do say so myself lol.

How to retain 6 inches of growth in 1 year

My hair needs a dye job by the way!


This was my hair 18months into my last journey (August 2015).

This is unlike my first journey which measured a little over 4 inches after my first year. I thought that was impressive at the time but this has shown me that it wasn’t about my growth rate but rather the rate at which I was retaining length which improved by almost 2 inches this year. Now I’m happy I cut my hair again lol.

So what did I do differently this time? To be very honest, the game changer for me was keeping my moisture level up. Deep conditioning like it was no mans business. That was the main thing I did differently but I’ll go ahead to share my very simple and basic routine with you guys..

Week 1: Cowash hair in sections
– Deep condition.
– Apply leave in conditioner to hair
– Apply JBCO, tea tree oil, coconut oil to scalp. (It’s usually any oil I have at the moment lol)
– Seal in moisture with Shea butter
– Twist hair up and every night before bed.
– Wear a satin bonnet to sleep every night.

Week2: – Hot oil treatment as pre poo
– Cleanse hair with SLS free shampoo or black soap.
– Deep condition (alternating between moisturizing and protein conditioner depending on how my hair feels)
– Repeat steps 3, 4, 5 above.
– Put my hair in cornrows for a wig or some other form of protective styling.
– Spray hair underneath with water + leave in + oil mix once in 2 days (or as often as I remember to be honest).
– Wear satin bonnet to sleep every night!

So basically, I was alternating between Week 1 and 2. The times when my hair was in a PS and I couldn’t get to it, I just made sure to keep spraying it with my mixture. And if necessary, clean my scalp like I shared in this POST. I used Protein treatment mostly when I wanted to install a PS that I felt would put some strain on my hair like braids and the likes or after I take one out.. So I think this was pretty much it for me. I don’t do extra with my hair because I’m lazy, and I’m sometimes too busy. So I just hide it in cornrows for my wigs most times and I think that’s part of the reason it was able to grow. Little manipulation and touching and pulling has been good for my hair.

As for the products I use, it’s a mix of this and that to be honest. If I try something and it works for my hair, I’ll just purchase another bottle and another bottle till they’re out of stock and I have to try something else. What I really want to try is some products from the African Naturalistas range. They’ve been getting good reviews and I can’t wait to see for myself. One thing that’ll probable be a staple in my life is my NILOTIQA OIL MIX from this post.

I didn’t do any major trimming on my hair this year although I might be needing one soon. I did some dusting though, that is cutting off tangled ends and the likes but nothing major.

What I should do more will be more finger Detangling and less combing. I was all for finger Detangling till recently that I have not been able to afford the luxury of the time it takes so I’ve been using the widest tooth comb possible. I’ll try to return back to my fingers though.
Also I hope to wear my hair in something other than an Afro or a puff. Those are literally the only styles I wear lol.

What I hope to achieve in the coming year is another 4-6 inches retention. 6 inches preferably but let’s see lol.

So that’s it with me and my hair for the past year. I incorporate little things like ACV rinses, Tea rinses, rosemary leaves rinses etc when I remember or I feel the need to but otherwise, this is pretty much it.
So what do you guys think? Progress right? Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section and if there’s anything I forgot to mention.

PS, I’ll be doing another giveaway to the Wig making workshop for one lucky winner soon! Yup! And that vey special person will be getting the total package (complete wig kits and all). You don’t know what I’m talking about? Check my last post here to read all about the Wig making workshop. You can still sign up too! So ladies, make sure you’re following the blog and my Instagram page (@naturalgirlonabudget) because I’ll be announcing it on both platforms soon..

Thank you for reading. See you in my next post! Ella..



20 thoughts on “One year Nappiversary (How to retain over 6 inches of growth in 1 year).

  1. Your hair is goal af😍😍😍
    Today marks the beginning of my big chop for the 2nd time and I hope I get this type of result.


  2. Happy one year nappiversary, Ella! Your fro looks absolutely yummy!! I love how you retained length AND maintained health. Great stuff!

    Ps: do you have a post on the difference between moisturizing and protein conditioners? I’ve read so much on the stuff but I still don’t quite get it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Oreofe! Thank you.. I don’t have a post differentiating between them but I’ll try to break it down to you! Moisturizing conditioners infuse moisture into your hair while protein conditioners strengthen your hair! So it’s good to alternate between both as too much moisture can make your hair weak and then break while also too much protein can harden your hair and cause breakage too! I hope this helps..

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations on your one year Nappiversary, your hair truly has grown!
    I was a bit impatient while taking out my braids in july and cut some of it off in ths process of trimming the extensions 😦
    That mistake has caused me to take my hair a bit more seriously so i invested in some products at the beginning of July and decided to stick to a regimen.
    I probably need to take pictures relatively soon so it’ll be easy for me to measure growth.
    I invested in 4 African Naturalistas products from their new range and will be doing a review of them soon 😀

    Tuke’s Quest


    • Thanks Tuke.. I found that sticking to a regimen could be a game changer! Wish you luck in your hair journey!! I also can’t wait to read your review on the African Naturalistas products you got. I hope it gingers me to get mine..


  4. Wow, that’s such a good growth, wish I could say the same for mine. My hair is forever under protectibe styles, I dont even know whst to do with it when its out, alwsys bothered if it will fit me when styled…. Someday when we meet, I hope you’ll help me with that… Lol. By the way, you mentioned something about your hair needing dye. I heard dye is bad for hair and causes mad breakage!!! I’ve used the Olive Oil Henns Dye before though, how true is this?


    • Thank you love.. Just seeing this comment. My bad! Yes dyes generally cause dryness and breakage if you don’t properly take care of your hair before and after the dye job.. Deep conditioning regularly and keeping your hair moisturized is a good way to prevent this.. Natural dyes such as henna are a good alternative to chemical dyes also. Hope this helps..


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