Full recap on “Get wigged” #thelagoswigmakingworkshop

I’ve been away for a while but it’s all been for a great cause as I can’t divide myself into 6 parts lol. If I tell you that I haven’t washed my hair in weeks what would you say? Don’t judge me though. It happens to the best of us. Thankfully I’ve been itch free but I will try to squeeze a washday into this week.

This post is a recap of the just concluded Lagos wig making workshop ‘Get wigged’ that I talked about in this post. A couple of my blog readers were able to attend so if you’re reading this post, Holla! It was great to meet you. Really great. And if you didn’t attend but wanted to, don’t worry, I have good news for you, we are already planning another workshop so make sure to stick around.

I’ll allow the pictures pass the message mostly but what we did on Saturday was: ย 

– Learn to make a crochet wig with different techniques (All the crochet hair used is courtesy of Xpression.. Really beautiful stuff).

– Learn how to make a U-part wig.

Learn how to install a lace closure and make a wig with lace closure ( We even chipped in some very useful tips on how to make your closure look as natural as possible) and lastly,

– We learned how to make a full wig otherwise known as the round closure wig.ย It was a fun event and everybody who attended impressed me beyond my expectation. We had fast learners, we had ladies who were willing and able to learn, inquisitive ladies who wanted to do better etc. It was beyond amazing if you ask me and we give all glory to God.

We made sure to make the workshop as hands on and intensive as possible and that’s why we aren’t able to admit more than a certain number of people per class. We want to make sure that in the space of 6 hours, you clearly understand and practice what you’ve learned.
All the participants were provided with a complete wig kit (mannequin head, wig caps, C,J,I needles, sewing thread, elastic band, butterfly clamps, wig combs, T pins), practice hair for both crochet and normal sew-in, combs and scissors. Yes we thought of everything even down to the small chops lol.
Enough talking, let’s do pictures..

How to make a wig

Set up before the event began! The wig kits were provided for all applicants. They just came ready to learn!

How to make a wig

Alex @nappyhaired teaching the participants how to thread their needles properly.


How to make a wigimage


Sally teaching the ladies how to attach an elastic band to make your wig stay firm!

How to make a wig..

How to make a wig

A participant with her finished work!

Make a wig in Lagos

Lace closure installation


Couldn’t stop looking at her fro.. Love!

How to make a wig

Another participants finished work. They learnt how to make this particular wig in less than 2 hours! Very amazing..

Make a wig in Lagos

Alex and me with some of the latest set of empowered ladies in town!


In other unrelated news, spy my braids wig lol. There’ll be a separate class on this too..

After all said and done, I’m very confident that with a little more practice, these lovely ladies will be on top of their game and would be making serious raves as entrepreneurs. The sky is the starting point for you all! I try everyday to better myself and so should everyone else at whatever you are doing.
We (Alex and I) have already started making plans to put the next workshop together and this time around, we may be going to the beautiful city of Ibadan. Quite a number of people have asked us to come to Ibadan so we might. Details for the next workshop will be released soon both here and my Instagram page @naturalgirlonabudget. Please remember that the seats are limited and would be given out on a first to pay basis. I’ll still be posting a couple of tutorials here so no need to worry guys, I’ve got everyone covered!

I guess that’s all on the round up! See you guys in my next post and hopefully I’ve had a very satisfying wash day by then.

I’m sending all my love your way, Ella.


23 thoughts on “Full recap on “Get wigged” #thelagoswigmakingworkshop

  1. I find this very inspirational. It’s good to learn things that would empower us in one way or the other. The first (and last time sadly) I tried to make a wig was really awful. I went to Balogun market of recent and saw very lovely wigs and thought to myself… If only I can make these, I’ll just buy the materials I need. I’ll try watching some YouTube videos to learn better as I am not in Lagos.


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