How I had a very satisfying washday..

Hey ladies.. What’s going down? Lol

So I complained in this post how I had not washed my hair in a while cos I was a little busy. Sometime last week, my schedule cleared up and I had the most satisfying wash day I’ve had in a long while.. And that’s what I want to share with you guy today..

Quick washday

The products I used are listed below:

  • Beautifully crafted Hemp seed oil hot oil treatment.
  •  Hairfilliation ABS shampoo.
  •  Argan oil hydrating hair mask (deep conditioner).
  • Natures gentle touch Leave in conditioner.
  • Sweet almond oil (purchased from @Afribeautyhub) and coconut oil.
  • Castor oil.
  • Hairfilliation Ori-coco Hair butter.

The process:
I detangled my hair the best I could and then applied my hot oil treatment, then covered my hair with a plastic bag.


Can you believe I don’t own a shower cap anymore? Don’t know how that happened.. Left that for about an hour.
Then I got in the shower, rinsed out the oil and twisted my hair into four sections.. I’ve talked about the benefit of washing your hair in sections.. It reduces the risk of tangling, shrinkage and it honestly makes washday easier. After I did that, I went in with my ABS shampoo. Now, this shampoo is the truth! The lovely people at hairfilliation sent me some products and this shampoo was one of them. I have to do a proper review on this very soon because I can’t let you all sleep on it! The minty feel of the shampoo had me washing my hair almost three times. I didn’t want to stop lol.

Quick washday
After I rinsed this out, I applied my deep conditioner concentrating mostly on the ends of my hair which is the oldest part and obviously needs more love. I covered my hair up and proceeded to do other things. I try not to spend too much time in the shower because I don’t see the point honestly.

Once I apply my deep conditioner, I occupy my time doing other things or even sleeping lol. Washday shouldn’t take up all your time..


About an hour later, I rinsed that out. After which I dried my hair using a t-shirt, applied some leave in conditioner to my hair, coconut oil and sweet almond oil to my scalp, applied my ‘N500 a bottle’ castor oil around my edges and the tip of my hair ( I really don’t see the difference between this and the expensive bottles of JBCO but maybe it’s just me) then proceeded to seal with Hairfilliation ori-coco which is basically whipped Shea butter and some oils I think. Smells good. Detailed review soon.

I put my hair back into twists for it to stretch and the next morning, my mum made my hair into 4 bomb ‘Didi’ or inverted weaving/cornrows for the English people lol. And that was that. My hair has been in this cornrow and I’ve been rocking my Black beauty ‘loose deep wave’ weave from X-pression that I made into a wig. Picture below (you know I’m vain lol).

Quick washdayIf you guys want a detailed review on the quality of this hair and all that, please let me know cos I was thinking of just doing a run by of the product on my Instagram/Instastory..
That’s all for this post guys. I didn’t share pictures of the washday because using my phone to take pictures while washing my hair makes my heart beat fast. I’m scared it’ll slip or fall in water lol but we all know the drill, it’s nothing new..I’m working on getting a professional camera soon so more goodies to come yay. I’m talking Youtube and stuff.. Pray for me. You can also check out @beautifully__crafted and @hairfillition on IG for the products I mentioned.. Have an amazing week guys! I’m sending you all my love.

Photocredit: Google images

Love and light… Ella


20 thoughts on “How I had a very satisfying washday..

  1. Putting the hair is sections is like what saves time, prevents shrinkage and tangling like you said on wash days for me too, I can’t imagine washing my hair just like that without sectioning, the horror…
    About the castor oil, I have got to try that one you mentioned out o, this Jbco thing, it is well with the pocket o…
    Thanks for sharing tho…


  2. You know me have already said am patiently waiting to read or hear all about the expression weave.
    Wo this natural hair life requires being sensible when it comes to buying products. I recently started mixing my Castor oil with palm kernel oil(it’s as good as using JBCO🙌).
    What’s the nature’s gentle touch leave in like?


  3. The wig life is sooo convenient, especially with this recently-started-lagos -heat. I love braiding my hair into about 4-6 braids before wash day, it makes the whole process easier and i lose less hair. Your wig looks lovely.


  4. Yes do a review on the products and the expression wig please. BTW do you make wigs professionally? I’d like to contact you to make my wigs or something. I’d really love to make mine myself but it honestly seems long ehn! Kai! I give you hand o.


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