Low manipulation: the fastest way to length retention?

Hello guys.. How are you and your hair doing so far? I have to start this post by apologizing to my hair for skipping a whooping 4 wash days lol. Not on purpose though but something always came up when I wanted to.. If anything, it taught me a little about low manipulation and it’s benefit to our hair and that’s what I’ll be sharing today.

So I put my hair in Didi (inverted cornrows) like I mentioned in this post some weeks ago and didn’t take it out or touch my hair till yesterday.. All I did was make sure to wet it every other day in the shower, applied some leave in conditioner when I could and sealed with Shea butter from time to time i.e keeping it moisturized.. I actually got away with not washing my hair for that long although I wouldn’t recommend that. One of the reasons I got away with leaving my hair unattended to for that long is because corn rows stretch my hair so there was no tangling when I took it down. Although seeing all that shed hair was tough on my heart lol… This Didi wasn’t meant to be a low manipulation hair style when I installed it, it turned out to be.. Because it kept my hair protected, unbothered and helped me retain some length.. If your low manipulation hairstyle will lead to tangling if kept in for so long, then make sure to take it down before then else the goal is jeopardized!

Now what is low manipulation and how does it benefit your hair journey? It basically means having to touch, work with or handle your hair as little as possible in order to maintain healthy hair and retain length.. Low manipulation hairstyles require minimal handling to install and maintain. If you have to re-style your hair everyday to make it look nice and presentable, then your hairstyle requires too much manipulation. A low manipulation hairstyle should enable you to go at least a couple of days without having to even touch your hair.If you want your hair to not only be long, but also be long, healthy, and as lustrous as possible, let your hair be and leave it alone as much as you can. Refraining from unnecessary styling, touching, and twirling and simply letting your hair be will give it the opportunity to do what it was designed to do with no interruptions, grow! Because if you’re damaging your hair as much as its growing then you can’t see no retention..

Low manipulation is relative, and what one person considers low manipulation for their hair may be different for another person’s hair. The tendency for curlier hair textures to be drier, easier to tangle, and more prone to breakage makes regular makes everyday handling of the hair harmful to the hair strand over time. A gentle and patient touch is  a must when handling curlier hair textures, and low manipulation is the perfect approach to handling curly and highly textured hair types. Most naturals with tighter, kinkier textures which is what I have, tend to benefit from leaving their hair alone. And the ones who have managed any significant amount of length retention tend to be in protective styles about 99% of the time.
Also in washing and caring your hair, you should take a low manipulation approach at every step of your hair care regimen. It’s usually not a good idea to wash your hair everyday or every week for that matter except you use too much oils and butters and weekly cleansing is what is good for your hair. Simply refraining from washing your hair every other day is one way to take a low manipulation approach to washing your hair. Another method is simply shampooing your scalp, and simply running the rest of that shampoo down your hair careful not to tug and pull.. I usually wash my hair bi weekly rotating co wash and cleansing and it’s been good but maybe I’ll just increase the time line to 3 weeks. Remember, your hair is at its weakest state when wet so you also want to make sure not to comb it in this state except you it’s well saturated with conditioner in which case the comb just glides through.. I really dont recommend combing though.
Washing your hair in sections is a form of low manipulation as it makes it easier to detangle your hair and prevent breakage.

The ways to incorporate low manipulation into your hair styling regimen are practically endless. Styles like bun, braid outs, twist outs, flat twists, loose twists etc which will encourage keeping your hair out of the way for a period of time and also have products penetrate through during this period are the goal. In fact any hairstyle that requires minimal handling to install and take down, is! You can just try Didi like me lol.
Low manipulation hairstyles also help keep you from obsessing over your length and how fast your hair is or isn’t growing and allows you to get on with more important things in life lol.
There you have it!  Every aspect of your hair care regimen can be overhauled to provide for a low manipulation approach to how you care for your hair. When you start to do less to your hair in terms of handling it everyday, you’ll start to notice a boost in the health and length of your hair. If you want to grow your hair out longer than you ever have before, trust me when I say that less is more.

As usual, I hope this post was helpful.. I’m just an email away if you have any questions.. I’m thinking of a Christmas giveaway on the blog.. What do you all think? Please make sure  to subscribe to the blog if you haven’t to recieve email notifications on all the goodies I have for you guys.. Scroll down and subscribe pretty please? Thanks..

Till next time, Ella .


15 thoughts on “Low manipulation: the fastest way to length retention?

  1. Very helpful! My hair suffered plenty cos of too much touch touch so I BCed and I’m starting again. This is something I’ll keep in mind. Yes to the giveaway and I’m seconding the wig idea🙈


  2. I’m gulity of combing my hair when wet. Infact before I comb my hair, I sprinkle a bit of water to make it combable and that’s like an everyday routine for my bun packing. I think I would just make out time for low manipulation hairstyle. Please oh do giveaway, I’m also thinking of doing one on my blog.


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