Christmas giveaway: Win a beauty box + braids wig

Hi my lovelies! How are we doing? Really good I hope? Well we are alive, in good health and seeing the last month in this year so yea, there’s something to be thankful for.

So in the spirit of Christmas and thanksgiving, I’ll like to say a big thank you to every single person who has ever read or keeps reading my blog. This blog has opened doors for me that I didn’t know could be opened and that’s because there’s amazing people like you who read, leave comments, support me, etc. Once again, thank you!  I asked in my last post if you guys would be interested in a giveaway and the responses were hell yea! Sure! Ella why would you even ask lol so here we are.


I and Alex of will be giving away two items to two lucky winners! A lovely beauty box filled with way too much goodies and of course, a braids wig! I know we can only have two winners and trust me, I’m super bummed but you may just be in luck! I can’t wait to get to a point where I’ll be hosting giveaways on a weekly basis! You all deserve it for being so wonderful. So let me further sweeten this by disclosing the content of the beauty box:


  • A gift box containing body wash, lotion and eau de toilet sprays.
  • Kinky Apothecary whipped batter.
  • Dark & Lovely Multi active body lotion.
  • Argan oil treated satin sleep cap.
  • ORS Anti-breakage leave-in conditioning creme.
  • SavvyChic Edge Slick & Tame/Coil Comb.
  • Mara Cruiz Organics Leave-in moisturizing cream.
  • Maybelline Volume Express mascara.
  • Zaron Moisturizing lipstick in Tinky Winky.
  • L.A Girl lip liner

And of course, a wig.. The conditions to enter this competition are fairly easy:

  • Follow @naturalgirlonabudget and @nappyhaired on Instagram.
  • Subscribe to our blogs here and here
  • Repost the image in this post on your Instagram page with the tag #TheChristmasBeautyBox and tag your Friendster see.
  • Follow our business pages @budgetbeautyhair and @nappyhairedwigs.
  • Comment on this post with your email address, Instagram handle and what you would like to win.


Please make sure you follow the instructions to the latter to qualify! Giveaway runs till the 20th of December and the winners will be announced on our Instagram pages on the 21st.  Please be available to pick up or get someone to pick up for you in LAGOS or forfeit after 3 days. May be odds be in your favor lol.

I have a ton load of new posts coming your way before the end of the year so please stay close.

Have an amazing hump day. Love, Ella.


54 thoughts on “Christmas giveaway: Win a beauty box + braids wig

  1. Giveaways just has to be for instagram users. Which disqualifies ardent readers of the blog who are not instagram users. Very unfair. 😢


    instagram handle:justvican_dipe
    LOVE LOVE LOVE to win the gift box. My hair is very thirsty and my face and body needs it more. 😁😁.


  3. Hello Ella,
    I would love to win the gift box as it has some of the items on my wishlist in there.
    IG handle: @princessyk


  4. Yaayyyy I would love to win the braided wig, been longing for that but recession 😥 ighandle:@douye_subi


  5. I will appreciate this gift box because it contains products that will help my hair and skin.
    I will also appreciate the wig also because I know it will serve a great purpose and also it will be a great way of telling people where I got it from.

    Instagram handle -: @temi.d.poet


  6. Please give me the braided wig and I will be very grateful I have never had a wig in my life.All you listed here are mouthwatering but I need the wig pls do not pass me by.Thanks!
    Instagram handle: @iisiomaluvin


  7. I would love to win the braids wig I’ve wanted one for soo long pls 🙇🙏💞especially with the school stress it’s the perfect Xmas gift


  8. Hi! I hope I’m not too late😭🙈. I’d like to win the wig and Kinky Apothecary whipped battery,
    Argan oil treated satin sleep cap,
    ORS Anti-breakage leave-in conditioning creme, SavvyChic Edge Slick & Tame/Coil Comb, Mara Cruiz Organics Leave-in moisturizing cream.
    IG: Annieyy_


  9. Aww man, I would love to enter the give away… but I don’t have instagram. Just google+ and pinterest. I did subscribe to your blog though. Is there any other way I could enter the giveaway?


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