Product Review: Glow by Hairffiliation.

Hi guys.. What’s popping? Lol. So today I’m bringing you a review post that’s been long overdue. I talked about some of the products in this post but I promised to do a proper review in due time so here we are.. I’m almost through using all this products so I know that now is a good time to talk about my feelings for them lol. You really want to keep reading trust me. There’s good news at the end.
About 2 months ago, Jennifer IG sent some products over to me. Not for a review or anything, just because she’s a super awesome person. Thank you Jennifer. Hairffiliation is a company that specializes in production and sales of natural products for both hair and skin. When I got them, I was in need of a change of products so it was a perfect gift.. On using these products, I decided I was definitely going to review them cos it would be a crime not to share them with you guys! The Hairffiliation products I received were:


Glow by Hairffiliation Lemon Glow scrub.
African black soap shampoo.
Ori-coco whipped Shea mix.
Glow by Hairffiliation Ori-coco whipped body butter.
Glow by Hairffiliation Mixed African black soap.

Talking about this in order of favorites may prove a little difficult so I’ll just go in and let you decide at the end of the post which product you think is my favorite.. Deal?

1. Lemon Glow scrub: It’s a body scrub that comes in a clear container with a white lid so you can see what’s in it. The ingredients listed on the container are: Brown sugar, honey, oils (coconut, avocado, jojoba, lavender, lemon), rose water, lemon juice, vitamin E and love… Are you falling in love already? If you know anything about natural products, by reading this list, you already know this is a winner.
What I thought about this product: love it! Mine is basically finished already and I’m making plans to get a new one. It always leaves my skin feeling better and smoother than before I use it. I was using it on my whole body once a week before I realized it wouldn’t last long that way so I started using it on my face only to prolong its life span lol. However, because of the oils in this product, it has to be stored under room temperature else it would melt and could cause a mess. If you intend to travel around with it, you have to properly store it to prevent spills and all. Overall, this product is superb.

2. Ori-coco whipped Shea mix: This product is a mixture of Shea butter and some other oils and it’s prefect for the hair. It comes in a white container and white lid. The ingredients listed on the container are: Raw shea butter, coconut, avocado, jojoba and castor oils, tea tree and peppermint essential oil, vitamin E and love. It says on the label that this product moisturizes your hair, prevents dry scalp and dandruff, aids growth etc.
What I thought about this product: I think it’s such a genius idea to mix Shea butter with peppermint and tea tree oil as a hair product. I’ve been using this not only to seal my ends but also applying it on my scalp since the day I got it.. I love the minty feel and love how properly whipped it is. It’s really soft to touch and smooth to apply. I’ve used this to braid my mums hair, my sisters and they really like it too. I still have a generous quantity left and I intend to enjoy it.

3. Mixed African black soap: As the name implies, it’s a black soap made from: Raw African black soap, honey, oils (coconut, avocado, lavender), raw lemon juice, vitamin E, love. It comes in a white container with a white lid. On the label, it says it improves skin tones, clears skin irritation etc.
My impression: I’ve not really been a great fan of black soaps because they mostly contain shea butter and I think Shea butter makes me dark after continued use. But with the way I felt about the other products and because Shea butter wasn’t stated as one of the ingredients, I decided to give this a try too. I love that it lathers really well and smells good! Those are two things that I first notice in a soap. I noticed that after use, my skin would feel soft. This doesn’t last all day but it always made me look forward to my next bath.. However, I had to discontinue use after some time because I felt like I was getting darker. Maybe I was just being paranoid but I stopped anyway and gifted what was left to a friend. Maybe I need a black soap specially tailored for my skin because I really love black soaps. Anything with natural ingredients have my heart. I’ll definitely recommend you try it out.

4. Ori-coco whipped body butter: Comes in a white container and lid. The ingredients listed on the label are: Raw shea butter, Carrier oils ( coconut, avocado, jojoba), lavender essential oil, vitamin E, fragrance and love. On the container, it says it moisturizes, reduces scars, assists in pain relief, can be used as a massage balm, lip balm, shaving cream, etc.
What I thought of this product: Its so smooth guys! Like it just melts in my hands and it’s really beautiful to touch lol. I don’t apply this as a body cream because Shea butter but I use this as a hand cream, use this to shave some times because my skin is quite sensitive to the razor, I apply this on cuts or bruises till they heal up etc. The list is endless. I like having this around anywhere I am cos we all need Shea butter don’t we? I also love the fact that it doesn’t smell funny like Shea butter does lol so this is okay to use as a hand cream for me. Smells good actually and the effect lasts longer then some of the other ones I’ve used.

5. African Black soap shampoo: On the label, it says it helps to eliminate stubborn oils and dirt from the hair and scalp while leaving your hair soft. Helps fight hair loss and is safe to use in sensitive scalp. The ingredients are: Raw African black soap, honey, Carrier oils ( coconut, avocado, jojoba), lavender, tea tree and peppermint essential oils, and love.

What I think about this product: I LOVE IT. It has actually become a staple product for me and my sister. It makes me look forward to wash day. The minty feel just sealed the deal. It also helped with my sisters dandruff issue. It’s really not just hype, it’s so good. It lathers really really well, cleanses in just one wash (although I use it twice or three times just to enjoy it lol) and a little goes a long way. Also doesn’t leave my hair feeling stripped. I really would buy this from Nigeria and take it to the states with me if I had to lol. I just appreciate people who put their best into the products they make.

Anyway guys, that’s it for the review. I know it was a long read but I hope it was worth it. All the products listed are very affordable and you can check out the pricing and place your order on their website or the Instagram page @hairfiliation.

I’ll also like to give some of these products to a blog reader who can’t participate in the ongoing giveaway due to lack of owning an Instagram account. It’s my way of saying I see you too, and you’re important. So tell me which of these products you think is my favorite and the first correct answer gets a gift. Please note that you don’t qualify to win if you’re already participating in the ongoing giveaway. You could still try to guess though.. Good luck!

See you soon? Love.. Ella.


27 thoughts on “Product Review: Glow by Hairffiliation.

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  2. I react to black soap (dudu osun brand) which i found weird because I used it when I was younger. It burnt my skin when I tried to wash my hair with it and turned it really red. But I decide to start using the unrefined local one for my acne and it worked but I was getting darker and my skin was getting really tight then I read a post on black soap which said to use it like three times a week so it doesn’t make you darker so maybe you could give it another try but not use it everyday.


  3. Got my gift and am so so falling in love with the Ori-coco shea mix. Hubby loves it as well. Will have to hide it so that he doesn’t use it up before I have the chance to buy from Hairffiliation. Thanx so Much Ella. God bless u real good.


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