Wash day files: pampering my hair into the new year!

Hi guys… It’s the last day of the year 2016 nd I’m nothing if not super super thankful and excited! How are you all doing? I hope we are floating in the same boat lol. The winner of the giveaway from my last post has been contacted, thanks to you all who participated.

Today we are talking hair care.. My mum yet again subtlety mentioned to me how young ladies these days neglect their hair because they wear wigs.. I know she meant me and she was right though.


Before ..

No it’s not what you think, I have been moisturizing and such but I’ve not really had the time for a full pampering so I decided it was time.. My kid sister Dolapo is obsessed with healthy hair and since my excuse is ‘been busy’, I delegated the pampering to her. Read on to find out how my hair went from quack to bam!

This washday can easily be broken down into this processes:
– Detangling
– Pre poo
– Cleansing
– Deep conditioning
– Moisturize and seal.
– Protective styling.

First thing we did was to loosen the corn rows I had on and detangle. We did this using our pre poo. This pre poo was made using a mixture of my beautifully crafted hot oil treatment and Vo5 moisturizing conditioner. The hot oil was applied to my scalp, while the rinse out conditioner was heated between her palms for a bit, then applied with the praying hands method to my sectioned hair.

imageCovered this up with a plastic bag and wrapped a scarf over it to generate heat.. 30 minutes later, I rinsed out and proceeded to shampoo.



She cleansed my hair using my hairffiliation ABS shampoo, focusing on my scalp and running the shampoo through my hair. Did this twice.. I wash my hair in sections as I’ve mentioned before.

imageAfter this she applied my ORS replenishing conditioner to each section, left it in for about 5 minutes then I rinsed it out in the twists.
We then proceeded to deep conditioning. She used some henna treatment wax and peppermint infused coconut oil to achieve this.. The former was applied to my strands, the latter to my roots. I covered my hair up again and let it sit for about 30 minutes. After which I thoroughly rinsed that out.
I wrapped my hair up in a white t-shirt to absorb the excess water.

imageimageimageWhen my hair was damp, she proceeded to moisturize and seal. This was done using the Nilotiqa deep moisture butter cream and sealed with some Jamaican black castor oil. I used Jbco to seal because in this weather, my hair needs something heavy to retain moisture as the weather is pretty dry now. Please make sure to moisturize and seal very often with butter or heavy oils to protect your hair this season.
Then of course, she put my hair back in 6 cute corn rows for my wig.



After.. See those curls popping!


That was all with my wash day. Pretty standard, no extra extras. I admit that I have been a little busy lately so a day where I just chilled and had my hair pampered by someone else (who I didn’t pay) was really appreciated. The point to note in this post is that all the products I used are really affordable, and the processes were pretty straight forward. You can get most of these products at your local stores.
If you can do this bi-weekly, your hair would thank you for it. If you need to go to a salon, guide them through the process step by step or visit a really good natural hair salon. You really don’t have to buy the most expensive things to get really good results, just use what works for you. I’ve retained almost 10 inches of growth following a very simple routine in the 16 months of my hair journey.
Additionally, I was interviewed by Subomi of myfashionmusings.com for the GIRLPOWER series on her blog. Please do check it up and say hi to her for me lol.
Side note, I’m too thankful for every single one of you who reads my blog, leaves a comment, encourages me, refers people here, follows my social media pages and so on. God will perfect your lives this coming year. I can’t wait to hear from you next year!
Kisses, hugs, Nutella and peace… Ella and Dolapo.


13 thoughts on “Wash day files: pampering my hair into the new year!

  1. This is some heavy information here plus it’s seems like a lot. Slowly but surely I’ll get there. I basically just cowash, deep condition, moisturize and twist das all, I’m learning everyday. Thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello dear… I just stumbled on ur blog. My hair is 11months old and I’ve not been giving it any special care but it’s growing anyway. Yet, I want to start paying attention to it cos it’s shedding and dandruff won’t let me shine 😒 Can u kindly give me a lift of products to buy? Affordable ones of course. Thank u


  3. Great job girl… Iv been glued to ur blog for some time now.. Iv read all ur posts and I must commend ur handy work. Blogging and beauty the Nigerian way. I feel at home here. May God continue to strengthen u. Enjoy your self girl!!!


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