How long can I grow my hair?

Hi guys.. Welcome to the month of luuuuv! I’m excited to see what happens in 2 weeks I think? Lol..

Todays post is a sort of encouragement or maybe a mini vent session.. I’m talking about the thief of joy ‘COMPARISON’! I don’t think I’ve written this sort of post before but it occurred to me to put something down because someone may need to hear it.

Naturalgirlonabudget I saw a post by a natural hair page on IG asking why people (who have) stopped caring for their hairj
and when I looked through the replies, what stood out or caught my attention was the fact that most people stopped caring for their hair because they had been comparing it with other people’s and when they weren’t satisfied, it just didn’t seem worth it to them. I read replies like ‘oh it wasn’t growing as long as I wanted it to’ ‘well it’s not as _____ as I had hoped’ etc. I quite understand that vibe, I do. But my issue with it was the comparison. What I feel is in life, there’ll always be people who are more ‘everything’ than you or have more this and that than you so knowing that, why haven’t you committed suicide? Lol.. Okay okay I know it’s not that serious but come on.

If you would start treating your hair like every other part of your body i.e. You have a pimple, you try to take care of it, you bruise a knee, you put a band aid on it, your hair is dry, you moisturize it then it will be simpler and easier to care for your hair regardless of the length. Someone who doesn’t feel she’s the prettiest can still have glowing skin yes?  The same reason someone can retain 6 inches of growth in just 6 months is the same reason another person may not be able to retain more than 4 inches in the space of a year. Genetics my friends! So what to do? You need to know that it is just hair and the aim is to have it looking healthy and beautiful at all times.. If it grows to 1 million inches, we would celebrate start selling pills and oils to other people promising them heaven and earth. But if it doesn’t, then we would make sure that whatever length of hair is on our own head, we make sure it’s healthy and lovely.

I saw something the other day that said ‘No one is more beautiful than you on Instagram, they just have more apps’ lol.. So maybe the huge big Afro you’re lusting over isn’t really what it seems. Or maybe it is,  that still doesn’t make yours less beautiful. Stop comparing.. Your hair goals, or anything else for that matter. Try to be the best you can be and celebrate other people too while you’re at it.

I hope this post made some sense. I typed and posted so please ignore any typos and stuff. Let me know in the comment section if there’s anything ‘natural hair related’ you’ll like to correct, vent about or just share.

Loads of luvvv… Ella


23 thoughts on “How long can I grow my hair?

  1. My hair was doing great before I went natural. I didn’t have the typical relaxed hair woes. I was beyond APL when I did a big chop. I decided to go natural to experience what it would be like.
    I was jejely enjoying my natural hair and it’s growth rate, when some other natural made some not so nice comments about how my hair looks stunted and isn’t growing. For a second it made me feel bad and feel like all my hair care has been a waste. But I got looking through pics and realized how much my hair had actually grown.
    So, sometimes other naturals or people make us feel like our hair is doing so badly and not to be bothered with. I’ve learned to step back accept my hair and not dwell on comparison.
    Sorry for my epistle.

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  2. Totally agree, this natural hair journey is not easy. I think it gets easier when we try and focus on our own journey and not compare our hair to other people and their journey. I don’t personally have any issues in my natural hair journey, it’s been 24 months but I see that a lot of naturals are not content with their hair when they look at my hair not sure why. But I can see that we all want what we don’t have that’s what brings that feeling of discontentment. It’s OK to admire others, but at the same time I agree with you about focusing on ourselves and loving what we have and learning to work with it. Great post ❤


  3. I totally relate. I had this friend that kept on telling me “Your hair isn’t growing” tho I know I don’t really take the natural hair care seriously, other people tell me otherwise when I take out my extensions. I just accepted my fate on if it grows all well and good, if it’s not same same. But I’m bothered about shrinkage cause I don’t have it and I hear it shows how healthy ones hair is #True/False


  4. Comparison is definitely the thief of joy, I admit towards the beginning of my natural hair journey I spent a lot of money on all these products to get my hair to grow at a fast rate. Now, I am more satisfied with seeing that it is healthy and that I maintain it well. I care more about thickness and healthiness than length.


  5. I have to fight through these feelings myself. My hair was long before going natural so I felt pressured to get it longer than it’s original length. In five years including cutting my hair to grow color out after 2 it’s back to my original length. Now I’m trying to keep my hair healthy because it what you should do. As you said treat it like the rest of your body. For me it’s about being healthy and then letting everything else fall into place without obsessing over the results.


  6. comparing our hair with someone’s hair at times kills the vibes that comes with having healthy hair and then u start focusing on length, length and length….and if madam hair still decides to take her time to grow you get angry and give up…
    never compare…just admire and change anything wrong you are doing in your hair routine.


  7. I always kept my hair shorter when it was relaxed . Now it’s longer than it was at its longest and I have no idea what to do with it . I’m working on keeping it healthy but I have to fight the urge to cut it .


  8. I can so relate! Sometimes I look at other guys’ beards and I get discouraged (sorry, I always have to see it from beards POV). I have this friend, he has this Drake like kinda beard, I don’t hold a candle to him but oh well, I have been enjoying my beards growth journey.

    I guess this how every girl should be with their hair, enjoy your growth, enjoy how healthy looking your hair is and don’t for a second be discouraged by a longer hair or a fuller afro.

    They’d always be a longer hair or fuller afro even to the person you’re comparing yourself with.

    And say NO to hair shamers, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life! 😒 pfff 😤

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  9. But from another angle, I think natural sisters can be overly dramatic. Why does everything have to be a competition? Why can’t the natural hair just be ‘hair’ without the prefix ‘natural’ with it? I mean, natural hair’s been mainstream on the radar for over 4yrs, why can’t we just look at our hair and decide whether or not we want to keep it nappy, and then that decision will make us mind our hair business and focus on getting our own filters to make it look good just the way we want it


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