New products I’m using..

1496442352599Hi my lovers.. whats going on??? I want to know how y’all are doing for real so at the end of this post, let me know in the comment section. I really hope we are fine.. Have I been away for too long? I hope not.

So I put this post together to share with you some products I’ve been using on my hair lately.. If you’ve been following my hair journey, you’ll know that shampoo, conditioners (leave in, rinse out and D.C.), jbco and shea butter, green tea/rice water rinses are basically all I use on my hair.
But I’ve been fortunate enough to get some products lately that I’ve been using and I wanted to talk about them. This isn’t a product review post. Just regular gist. If you’ll like me to review any of these products in about 3 weeks time, please let me know.
In no particular order:

1. Eya Naturals Aloe Vera hair mist: I got this from @afribeautyhub (talked about them in this post) and I’ve been using it for like 2-3 weeks now. I leave it on my headstand so I can remember to use it more often. My favorite thing about this is that it comes in a spray bottle so I really just spray and go. But I sincerely can’t tell you I remember what this does for my hair but I use it anyway lol. Who can help me out here?


2. Zabrinaturals wonder 18 oil: it’s a mixture of 18 different lovely oils and I think that’s genius. I mean if you have 18 oils in a bottle, do you really need any more? It cost me N2500 for the 120ml bottle size so I’m being a little stingy *coughs* with it but I think I like it so far. Bought from @afribeaytyhub on Instagram.


3. Shanyi Organics Anti frizz conditioning yoghurt: lol I love the name. So far I have used this just twice because my hair has been tucked away for a while now. But I intend to do a proper review on this product and some other I received in due time. Smells lovely too like almost all Shanyi organics product I’ve used.. Received from @shanyiorganics on Instagram.


4. Zabrinaturals Hydration on the go with Lemon grass oil: I’m obviously particular about moisture, because balancing your hairs moisture level is a sure way to grow long, healthy hair. I lost my new spray bottle so it made me weak/slack in terms of moisturizing till I got this product. It’s plain i.e. Like water in a spray bottle. I just spray this and seal with shea butter. I love products in spray/applicator bottles to be honest. Also got this at @afribeautyhub on Instagram.


5. Boabab + Neem oil voluminizing deep conditioning masque with lemongrass oil by Zabrinaturals:
It’s a mouthful I know lol. But “voluminizing” was my attraction to this product. Would this actually work? I can’t wait to find out . So my plan is to use this consistently and hope to see a difference because that would be great. So far, a little goes a long way and it smells really nice also. I like.

6. We Naturals Moisturizing and detangling conditioner with hemp oil: I personally don’t think this does much for my hair so I think I’m just looking forward to exhausting the bottle I have now. Doesn’t have enough slip to detangle either which is what I needed it for. ย Has a nice smell though but I think my mind is made up on this product. A lot of people seem to love this brand though so I’m definitely open to trying out other products they make.


Typing this, I just got some new products but I don’t want to delay this post any longer so this is all for now. I’ll do an updated post soon. See how I’m tilting towards ‘Made in Africa’ products especially since they’re natural/organic products? And I love African Beauty hub @afribeautyhub for being able to deliver these products from different African countries. Stay woke my people. When I’m done with these products, I’ll probably try new ones so that I can finally chose staple products..
Thanks for reading this post and don’t forget to let me know if you’ll like me to review any of these products in detail.
Have a lovely weekend ahead guys and tell me how you are doing!!!!!

Till next time (which will be really soon)… Ella


14 thoughts on “New products I’m using..

  1. Lol… You are gradually leaving our budget oh. I would love to read a review on the Zabrina Oil…18 oils, like how true is that??
    Welcome back babe.


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