Wash day Routine: Using green tea as a Pre poo..

Hi guys… it’s another wash day post Yayy! I decided to do a Wash day post because it’s been a while and I’m not just talking about the post. It’s been a while since I washed my hair haha! I can see you judging me, don’t worry I deserve it lol. Prior to this wash day, I think I went on for a month or thereabout without shampooing or cowashing my hair because I got lazy and kept postponing it. Anyway, I finally grew some balls and decided to do it so here we are. Because I was expecting a lot of shedding/breakage, I knew I had to incorporate Green tea into this routine to really minimize the shedding. I normally just do Tea rinses after I deep condition but I thought it’ll be better to use it in my pre poo and that’s what I did. If you follow me on Instagram (@naturalgirlonabudget), then you must have seen my Instastory where I shared this routine from start to finish. If not, then find out how this washday went. I’ll also be listing out all the products I used. Read on..


Step 1: Prepoo

If you don’t usually pre poo, you really need to start because it makes washday a bit easier. It makes detangling so much easier and leaves your hair feeling softer.

So for my pre poo, I kept green tea bags in hot water and waited for it to cool down before I took them out. Then I poured it into a spray bottle and spritzed my hair with green tea. Immediately after, I drenched my hair in my oil mixture of Coconut oil, jojoba oil and grape seed oil, covered it with a plastic bag and let it sit for a little over thirty minutes while I completed some chore I was doing (could be longer depending on what you want.)

Green tea rinse for natural hair

In case you didn’t know, Green tea helps to reduce shedding and breakage.

Step 2: Shampoo
I used the Peppermint Black soap shampoo from We Naturals (the Loclicious range) and washed my hair in three sections. There isn’t much to this step. I just washed my hair twice and rinsed it out. I twisted back my sections to stop them from shrinking completely and tangling.

Green tea rinse for natural hair

Step 3: Conditioning and Detangling

Green tea rinse for natural hair

I really love this product. And it retails for about N1000.

I applied my wonderful, all time fave, cheapie Argan Oil conditioner onto each section and finger detangled. We agreed to use combs as scarcely as possible right? Right? Lol. I wasn’t really surprised by the amount of hair I lost which was little. See.

Green tea rinse for natural hair

Wish my hair was this curly in real life lol

When I was done detangling, I rinsed out and applied my deep conditioner which was a mix of the Vitale Olive oil Hair Mayonnaise and the Creme of Nature Argan oil Intensive conditioning treatment. I let my hair sit under a plastic bag for another thirty minutes before I rinsed it out. My hair wasn’t soft as butter but that’s how it feels anytime I use a protein conditioner. It felt really elastic though and I was just happy to have clean, healthy hair again lol.


Step 4: Styling and Moisturizing

Here, I oiled my scalp again with some Jojoba oil and used the LOC method (Leave-in / liquid, Oil, Cream) to moisturize my hair, after which I twisted my hair back into 4 twists to let it air dry. The products I used were the Zabrinaturals Gro Leave-in Conditioner (I mostly use this cause it has a nice smell and is affordable lol) and I’ve talked about it in a previous post. Then I applied some castor oil to my hair and scalp followed by a tiny amount of Shea butter to seal. Lately I’ve been using Castor oil and Shea butter to seal because my hair loses moisture quickly and I like to seal it in for as long as possible with a combination of those two. I finger detangled again before I twisted it up and all balled up, here’s a total of the hair shed/breakage for the day.

Green tea rinse for natural hair


Obviously the star of this Washday was the green tea (you can use any brand you want) as it did a great job! I’m going to be doing this more often although Naijagirlnextdoor has urged me to try Coffee and I would!

I was planning to do a 2-year hair growth post but then I got featured on BellaNaija and the post was similar so I decided to postpone that for now. Probably at the end of the year? Let me know what you think guys.

You can read my BellaNaija feature here and be sure to leave a comment so they’ll know I have people lol.

Thank you so much guys for always reading my posts and leaving your feedback. It’s greatly appreciated. Let me know if this washday routine is something you’ll incorporate to your regimen.

Stay blessed.. Ella



9 thoughts on “Wash day Routine: Using green tea as a Pre poo..

  1. Really gonna try this regimen… It’s really a “on a budget” something… Please😀😀😀 where do I get this rinse out conditioner?


  2. Its been a while I did a tea rinse, this will help after my next protective style next year. Your regimen is similar to mine and I record very minimal shedding.


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