A natural girls’ new year resolutions..

Happy new year guysssssss! I’m so thankful that we made it to another year whoop! 2017 has gone for good so I won’t even bore you with the excuses/details of it lol. But I’m looking forward to better days this year and I wish all my blog readers and followers a very amazing and positive year ahead. Thank you guys for rocking with me and with the brand. This is my third New Years post I believe and to those that have been there from day one, I love you guys! To the new followers, welcome!!!!

Twist out on 4c hair
Let’s do a quick run through of some of the “Trends/Habits” we are picking or improving on this year for healthier life and hair journey aka a natural girls’ new year resolutions.

– We are drinking more water! The sugary drinks/alcohol has got to go!! Besides, healthy hair starts from the inside and drinking more water would benefit your body/health in general.

– We are eating right and exercising more! Amen sister? I know it can be hard but if it was easy, everyone will be doing it right? Right! I started already and can’t wait to share my journey/ progress with you guys. Let me know if that’s something you’ll like to see on the blog.

– We are deep conditioning more often sis. We are keeping our hair and skin properly moisturized as well.

– We are letting go of toxic people and relationships. I can’t stress this enough, not everyone or everything is good for you so please let them go!

– We aren’t spending our money on hair products or things that we don’t need! Say No to product junking (lol is that even a word?)
– We are saving more money. There’s food at home so eat there lol. Save your money.

– We are supporting small indigenous businesses. Guys common! Buy from your friends or local stores and businesses around you. Let’s improve this economy together..

– We are figuring out our regimen and sticking to it. No more doing all the one million things your fave bloggers are doing and yet no results because everybody’s hair is different!

– We are stepping out in faith and taking bold risks.

– We are writing/blogging more *coughs* because so far……. (you guys know 😂)

– We are making new friends, attending events, networking, reading more, traveling, falling in love, just living our best lives!

– Our hair would no longer disobey us amen? We are treating it right and seeing good results!
– Lastly but most importantly, we are putting God first in everything we do.


So I wrote all these out because some of them are actually on my “goals” list. I know New year resolutions are really cliche but if you can take advantage of the sense of “fresh start” that comes with the new year, you may just be one step closer to living your dream life. You can stay in shape, get closer to God, start that new business, work towards that promotion etc because the only difference between you and those who are living the life you want is probably just discipline and hard work. Anyway I hope this is helpful to at least one person and I can’t wait to review these goals at the end of the year *by Gods grace*..

See you real real soon and please I’ll like to know some of your plans for the new year in the comments section so I can get inspired by them.

Love, Ella.


4 thoughts on “A natural girls’ new year resolutions..

  1. Yes to the not spending money on products one! lol THE STRUGGLE!!!! haha!! With the money I’ll save this year I may be able to by a small island in FIJI haha! kidding! I enjoyed your post!!


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