I shaved off my Edges

Hello everyone. I’m coming to you from my castle of sillyness after my long hiatus doing God knows what and guess what? I shaved my edges – with a shaving stick – because I’m silly lol. 

I colored my hair a month or so ago and I haven’t shared those photos because it didn’t turn out the way I wanted and I frankly can’t deal for now. Anyway I made the mistake to color my edges as well. Why? I don’t know. Mind you, these edges were struggling before and after dyeing them, it just started falling apart to the point where people were asking – where’s your edges? Ah! Tragic! Right? 

I had seen that a babe on IG shaved her edges to regrow them and I couldn’t unsee that. It went and lodged itself in my subconscious mind because when I started thinking of what will help, the thought came up. 

Mind you I’ve been using all sorts of “growth oils” at this stage with little to no result so I just gave in. Grabbed a shaving stick and swipe swipe – it was done! This was around a week or so ago. Of course I regretted it immediately but the deed had been done so no use crying over it right? 

Shave your edges to regrow them


I look really weird right now. Now I see why John legend had to love both her curves and “edges” Lool. 

So what’s the plan moving forward? Wigs duh! Also I  had some oils at home so I made my own cocktail. I wont share the recipe yet because it’s a lot and I don’t want anyone’s scalp to burn off. But so far, little little bits of hair have appeared. Although I have a bald patch on my right side and it’s still very bald. Who knows what can help? And the gag is, the hair on my head doesn’t grow as quickly as the hair on other parts of my body lmao. Who’ll have guessed? The babe on Instagram whose footsteps I followed started seeing results about a month or so later so I’m just going to be patient and monitor the situation. Hopefully my edges regrow nicely and in time else a girl would have to go bald. I know! 

Will this work? Did I make the wrong choice? I have no idea yet but I’ll be sure to update you guys. 

Is this something you can try to get results? Let me know. Have a lovely week ahead. 

Love, Ella


13 thoughts on “I shaved off my Edges

  1. I saw a video on YouTube about someone who shaved her edges but I haven’t had the courage to do same,I’ll wait for your results and if it works ,I’ll try it too. It’s kuku not growing before,lol. I also have a cocktail of oils too


  2. Your hair will grow back don’t worry, have you tried Ayurvedic oils? You can check out curly proverbs on youtube, many people have said there has been result.


  3. When I saw the post title I was so shocked, but from what I see in the photo it doesn’t look too bad. I’m sure your edges will be back in full effect soon! Good luck! 💖


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